Wayfair Sleeper Sofa: Finding The Best Product Online For Your Guests

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As a homeowner, if you have guests that visit often, the right bed guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep for them. A Wayfair sleeper sofa is a possible solution to consider when buying new furniture. It’s not as space-consuming as a standard queen or king mattress and is more affordable. There are also several sleeper sofa varieties which can fit the decor of any bedroom in your home.

It’s important to consider comfort and quality, first and foremost. You don’t want your guests to feel out of place or uncomfortable when sleeping. The Wayfair sleeper sofa you purchase should feature a comfortable mattress, sturdy frame, and padding to create a soft base. No matter how much space you have or what your budget, a sleeper sofa is an excellent investment. It’s the perfect alternative to a bed that can cost thousands of dollars. Consider the great options available to create a warm, welcoming environment for your guests during their visit.

How To Choose A New Wayfair Sleeper Sofa

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When comparing Wayfair sleeper sofas, homeowners have to consider the amount of space in the room and their budget. It’s important to choose a comfortable sofa and mattress to ensure guests feel at home when visiting. There are several sofas available meaning consumers should compare them before settling on one for their guest room.

Mattress Types, Sizes, And Foam Toppers For Your New Wayfair Sleeper Sofa

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When choosing a Wayfair sleeper sofa, mattress size and comfort, padding, and overall design are some factors to consider. Some things to consider when purchasing the sleeper sofa include:

  • Mattress styles (plush, firm, Tempur-Pedic, memory foam, etc.)
  • Features like cooling technologies, motion transfer, and other factors that’ll increase comfort
  • Foam toppers that make the mattress more comfortable for sleeping on the sleeper sofa
  • Size options (sleeper sofas come in multiple sizes and mattress sizes)

It’s also important to consider how much weight the sleeper sofa can hold. This factor will also help consumers choose a product that can accommodate their guests who are visiting. Frame, material quality, and overall design and material finishes are also important factors to consider. Most consumers also compare prices. This factor shouldn’t be the determining one in purchase decisions but is something to consider when comparing products.

Hardwood Frame And Quality Mechanisms

The Wayfair Sleeper sofa should have a hardwood solid frame base. Frames that feature softer woods are prone to damage and deterioration. They don’t hold up as long or as well as sturdy hardwood materials. Additionally, they can’t carry as much weight, so this limits who can sleep on the sleeper sofa. The open/close mechanisms is another area to review when comparing sleeper sofas. Consumers should also look for something with a durable spring system that can withstand regular use. It should adequately open/close entirely upon inspection.

Wayfair Sleeper Sofa Bed Types

There are multiple Wayfair sleeper sofa varieties consumers can choose from when buying a new sleeper. Depending on the amount of space in the room and their budget, the range they can pick from differs for everyone. These are some of the common sleeper sofa varieties available on Wayfair from the top manufacturers.


Futons are lightweight, easy to transport and fold out easily. They aren’t as comfortable as the other alternatives, however. The wire and metal frame below the mattress isn’t as sturdy as wood frames. Additionally, the beds are thinner, so they aren’t as comfortable as the other varieties. This design is a good option for kids, or for homeowners who are on a strict budget.

Pull-out bed

As the name implies, with these sleeper sofas, the mattress pulls out from below the seat. This type of sofa is primarily for seating. It is a good option if a last-minute guest is arriving, without notice. These mattresses don’t have as much padding and are often thin. So, they aren’t as comfortable as a daybed is.


This variety is primarily for sleeping and guests. The mattresses are usually thick and feature padding. They also mimic a traditional bed and frame. So, they are the most comfortable variety and most welcoming for guests. Better quality and material finishes often mean the price is highest for these sleeper sofa varieties.

How We Reviewed Wayfair Sleeper Sofa Varieties

When reviewing the best Wayfair sleeper sofa, we considered several variables. First, we compared the mattress type and styles of sleeper sofas available. We also discussed the padding, frame, and overall material finishes. Our review compares several products of varying price points from different manufacturers. We also include customer reviews to help consumers narrow down the best sleeper sofas available.

The Average Price Of Wayfair Sleeper Sofas

The price of a Wayfair sleeper sofa varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of sleeper sofa. The mattress quality and frame also dictate pricing. These products are available on Wayfair. The price is $250 to $1500 or more for some products. A sleeper loveseat, for example, is much cheaper than a queen daybed with a foam memory topper. When comparing the best sleeper sofas, ratings allow consumers to narrow down the options and choose an affordable product.

The Top-Rated Wayfair Sleeper Sofas Available

There are several products to choose from when comparing Wayfair sleeper sofa beds. These are some of the products with the highest ratings from consumers on the website.

Swiger Sleeper

Swiger Sleeper

Image by: wayfair.com

This sofa features track arms and premium quality foam fill, guaranteeing high levels of comfort. The mattress features padding and a wrapped coil spring system. The back of the sleeper sofa pushes back and opens up to 180 degrees.

The 1.8 cubic foot foam material is thick, providing an excellent level of bounce and comfort while sleeping. The sofa fits into bedrooms, dorms, or hotel rooms. The sleeper sofa sits atop wooden legs and frame. It can hold a maximum weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.

One reviewer indicates the sofa is comfortable, but it had a broken leg upon arrival. The customer has yet to receive a response from customer service for replacement or repairs.

​Evan Convertible Sleeper

Evan Sleeper

Image by: wayfair.com

This sleeper sofa features a full size, pull out bed design. There are three handy seat functions owners can select. It can be a sleeper, sofa, or a lounger. Depending on space in the room, multiple configurations exist for the sleeper. Homeowners also have to consider the layout of the room to fit this sleeper into the home.

The solid wooden frame and legs ensure high levels of support on this sleeper. The microsuede material is soft and isn’t too hot, providing a comfortable night’s sleep for users.

One reviewer notes that consumers who choose free shipping will wait extensive periods for delivery. They indicate that this information is not present on the website.

Sabine Sleeper Loveseat

Sabine Sleeper

Image by: wayfair.com

The loveseat is excellent for a small guest room. It is also perfect in a dorm or apartment space. The 15-inch clearance off the ground makes it easy for some people to get up and lay down at night. A polyester, microsuede blend fabric is soft, durable, and doesn’t tear as quickly as other materials.

Owners will find the small piece blends in perfectly with any decor. It is available in multiple fabric material finishes and colors. So, owners can quickly match the loveseat sleeper in any room in their home.

The biggest complaint about the Wayfair sleeper sofa is the size. One reviewer complained about it being only 15 inches off the floor. So, while some found it easy to lay/sit/stand up and down from on this sofa, others had a lot of difficulties.

​Auburnhill Sleeper

Auburnhill Sleeper

Image by: wayfair.com

The sleeper sofa features 100 percent polyester finish linen on the sofa portion. The material is cooling and comfortable, so it doesn’t heat up as quickly as other materials. There are 576 coil springs, guaranteeing a suitable frame and base for sleeping on the mattress.

There is a sit, recline, and sleep setting option on the sleeper sofa. Owners can easily adjust it in the bedroom or guest room, to meet their guest’s needs. Steel seat and back frame are sturdy, and wooden frame and legs ensure the sofa won’t break easily.

One reviewer notes after a short period of ownership, the springs are coming out of the mattress. Issues with quality and construction about the bed are possible consumer complaints with this product.

​​Lawrence Convertible Sleeper

Lawrence Sleeper

Image by: wayfair.com

The Wayfair sleeper sofa features an arched back design. This design naturally conforms to the body, providing a comfortable place to sit when using it as a sofa.

The sofa also turns into a recliner or a bed. It is perfect for a guest bedroom or as a sofa in a small living room of a home. It features a silhouette pattern that blends in well with the decor in any home. The linen is 100 percent polyester, and it can hold 600 pounds weight capacity.

In this review, the customer indicates the mattress is very firm. They also note that the couch is not very comfortable to sit on, and the backrest is very stiff.

Wright Sofa Bed

Wright Sofa Bed

Image by: wayfair.com

There are several color options to choose from with this sleeper. This selection variety allows owners to find the perfect fit for their home’s decor. It is lightweight at only 175 pounds and easy to put together upon arrival.

The black walnut legs and frame are durable. They won’t crack or break under pressure as quickly as steel frames might. There’s a removable seat cushion. The maximum sleeper weight of this product is 375 pounds.

Martin Convertible Sleeper

Martin Sleeper

Image by: wayfair.com

This product is a futon style Wayfair sleeper sofa. The affordable price and slim design, make it perfect for those who are on a budget. This product is also great for a dorm or a smaller guest room in the home.

The sleeper has wooden legs and lightly padded foam material. The upholstered fabric is easy to care for and wipes clean quickly. The cushions are also removable. The weight capacity for this product is 660 pounds.

The sleeper is very low and close to the ground. The seating area/couch is only about 13 inches in width. It is not the most comfortable sleeper or sofa for a guest room, but it’s inexpensive.

Spirit Lake Sleeper

Spirit Lake Sleeper

Image by: wayfair.com

This sleeper has a seat and back which have a foam filling. The mattress also has foam padding covering the top. This feature helps increase levels of comfort people will experience laying down on the bed.

The tufted upholstery is easy to care for as well. It is 100 percent polyester, so it isn’t too warm either. The convertible sleeper sofa has a weight capacity of approximately 440 pounds. It also features aluminum leg frames for a sleek and elegant style that blends in naturally in any space.

The reviewer indicates the price is reasonable for the quality. They also note it fits well into a guest bedroom. However, the backrest of the seating area is very firm. This firmness detracts from overall quality and comfort levels of this Wayfair sleeper sofa.

The Best Affordable And Overall Wayfair Sleeper Sofa

When the time comes to purchase a Wayfair sleeper sofa, there are several great products to select. On a budget, the best option is the Sabine Sleeper. The sleeper is a loveseat, so it is smaller than comparable sofas. It is also a more affordable option and is an excellent option for those with tight guest rooms or spaces. The microsuede material is soft, durable, and also easy to care for. The spring mechanisms are well-built, and the wooden legs and frame are sturdy.

For those who are looking for the best overall product, we recommend the Evans Convertible Sleeper. It has three options/layouts, including sleeper, sofa, and recliner. The mechanisms are reliable, and the microsuede material is durable. The wooden legs and frame won’t break or crack easily under pressure like other products.

Whatever your budget or specific needs, there’s something on our list that is sure to be perfect for you.