Wayfair Mattress Buyer’s Guide – Narrowing Down Tons Of Options

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There are some purchases consumers have to think about before diving into an investment. A new mattress is one of those purchases. A Wayfair mattress might be a good option for you if you’re narrowing down the field. Wayfair carries not only Wayfair brands, but also the famous names like Sealy, Serta, and Tempur-Pedic. There’s a mattress for all sleepers, sleep types, and comfort ratings.

You want to feel comfortable at night. Consumers don’t want the mattress to be too hot, too firm/soft, or cause neck or back pain. You also want something that checks all the boxes for any sleep conditions you suffer from as well. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, to find a quality bed that delivers a great night’s sleep. But, if you want to, there are those great products online you can compare with the more affordable products. Consumers shouldn’t compromise on quality, comfort, and a restful night of sleep, to save on their mattress.

Online Wayfair Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Memory foam, latex, adjustable frames, cooling technologies, and the list goes on. When buying a new Wayfair mattress, you’re going to find many products, manufacturers, and features to consider. What’s most important, however, is to compare comfort, material quality, and sleep styles. These factors will help you narrow down the mattress varieties, and find a mattress, for your personal sleep needs.

Wayfair Mattress Material Selection

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There’s no shortage of materials to consider when buying a new mattress. The latest memory foam technologies help minimize motion transfer. Latex helps stabilize the back to prevent body aches and pains. Foam toppers with cooling technologies help reduce heat transfer. Every manufacturer makes different claims when trying to sell their product. Consider these materials when the time comes to choose a new Wayfair mattress.

Spring Mattress

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When choosing a spring Wayfair mattress, hybrid vs. coil inner-spring is one of the questions to ask yourself. The hybrid variety has springs that feature a foam topper covering them. This mattress provides greater support and more cushioning for owners. An inner-spring mattress has the traditional coil spring system. The interconnected coils offer structure to the bed. This variety provides a high level of support. But, it also causes aggravating pain and causes discomfort for some owners.


A second variety to consider when buying a Wayfair mattress is a latex material finish. Latex is elastic, conforms to the sleeper’s body shape, and features high levels of softness while providing spine support. It is excellent at evenly distributing body weight, and excellent air circulation keeps sleepers comfortable at night.


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The third common material is memory foam. The foam is responsive, meaning it returns to its natural shape quickly. It provides pain and discomfort relief and includes temperature cooling technologies. Memory foam helps to minimize motion transfer. It is also an excellent option for allergy sufferers, as most mattresses are allergen free.

The Best Wayfair Mattress For Back, Side, And Stomach Sleepers

Consumers shopping for a new Wayfair mattress also have to consider their sleep style. A stomach sleeper needs something different than a back or side sleeper. For example, a side sleeper needs a mattress that conforms to their body. This feature helps minimize spine alignment issues and prevent injuries or discomfort. Side sleepers also want a bed that reduces motion transfer. A mattress with edge support and cooling technologies is also a great option. Memory foam is a good option for side sleepers.

For back sleepers, a combination of support and firmness are necessary to help prevent back pain. A medium firmness rating is an appropriate level to stabilize the back and avoid discomfort. A mattress that contours and adjusts to the back help increase comfort levels also for back sleepers.

For stomach sleepers, a medium-firm mattress is the best option for the highest levels of sleep comfort. These mattresses provide support and prevent sinking. This firmness level also prevents sleepers running the risk of having their back lock up on them or overextending.

How We Reviewed The Best Wayfair Mattress

In the review process of the best Wayfair mattress, we considered several essential variables. Price was one of these variables. We compared the best overall and best affordable mattresses available. We also examined the top name brands, as well as Wayfair-specific products. In our review, we included ratings left by owners of the beds we discussed. We also considered the quality, material finishes, and which individuals/sleep styles, would most benefit from those mattresses.

Average Price Of Wayfair Mattresses

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The price of Wayfair mattresses varies greatly, depending on whether it is a Wayfair brand or leading mattress manufacturer. Products like Tempur-Pedic, or Sera, with a reputable brand-name backing, are more expensive. Additionally, materials like memory foam, or beds with sleep technologies, are also more costly. The prices of the best Wayfair mattress varieties is $$$ to $$$.

The Best Wayfair Mattresses Available

When shopping for a Wayfair mattress, consumers have many options. Depending on whether they prefer a Wayfair-brand or more reputable manufacturer, there are numerous options. These are a few of the best mattresses available to consider purchasing on the company’s website.

This mattress features a 13-inch memory foam finish and includes the Luxe adjustable bed frame. The 13-inch mattress is extra soft and provides pressure point relief. It adapts to the owner’s body shape and minimizes motion transfer on both sides of the mattress.

The plush layers of Tempur material are cool and keep owners comfortable overnight. There’s a cooling technology that sits atop the outer layer of the bed. This feature helps prevent overheating or sweating at night when sleeping on the mattress.

One consumer claims they had to pay an additional cost to modify the bed’s leg size. They didn’t have the option to do so when ordering the mattress. So they incurred an extra $$ – $$$ in fees.

This mattress costs $$$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.2 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.

The luxurious fabrics of this mattress create a rejuvenating sleep environment. Cooling carats help reduce body temperatures overnight, so owners sleep comfortably. The micro-diamonds helps conduct heat away from the body, to increase comfort levels overnight.

Triple-strand coils eliminate the spring coils of traditional inner-spring mattresses. It provides back support and minimizes motion transfer. The bed also features Certi-Pur certification, so it is free of formaldehyde and other dangerous toxins.

The only complaint is that it takes a few nights to get used to sleeping on the mattress. This reviewer notes it is firm, yet has a plush softness below the outer layer.

This product costs $$$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.5 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.

This mattress is 13 inches thick, and it features a gel material finish. The gel helps with cooling, so owners don’t feel too hot as body temperatures increase. TempActive technologies help maintain comfortable temperatures. The mattress conforms to the owner’s body temperature and helps naturally cool them down.

The memory foam exterior is responsive and helps minimize motion transfer also. It naturally hugs and conforms to the body, to help maintain proper form and spinal alignment overnight. Air Suspension Technology also helps enhance comfort and body support at night.

One reviewer notes differences when trying the mattress in the store and at home. They indicate it was lumpy and uneven at different spots in the bed.

This mattress costs $$$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.8 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.

This mattress is 13.5 inches thick and features hybrid material finish to help enhance comfort levels overnight. The IntelliCoil system is an innovative design that adapts to one’s body. This feature helps increase comfort levels and ensures the mattress conforms to the owner’s body shape.

Foam chambers are more durable than other materials. The mattress naturally adapts to the sleeper’s body, increasing comfort levels as time progresses. A precision edge system also ensures greater edge support, to enhance sleep quality and comfort.

The price of the product is for the mattress only. It does not include the box spring or frame. So, consumers should note this if they choose this mattress, and budget accordingly.

The price of this mattress is $$$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.0 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.

This Sealy mattress comes in twin XL to California king sizes. It features advanced memory foam and inner-spring support, along with cooling technology. The mattress naturally conforms to the body and features an elegant 14-inch top layer design for comfort.

It features six support layers and an allergen-free base. The hybrid foam naturally conforms to the body, to ensure each owner readily adapts to the mattress. Inner-spring support, without the coil system, provides ultimate comfort and quality material finishes in this mattress.

A couple of reviewers gave this mattress 4-star ratings for comfort and design issues. The overall quality is great, but the bed wasn’t the best option for them.

The cost of this bed is $$$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.8 out of 5 stars for this product on Wayfair.

This mattress is similar to bed-in-a-box delivery companies. It arrives in a box and owners unroll it upon arrival to let it settle into shape. It comes in either an eight or six-inch padding finish and is available from twin to king sizes.

The bed features inner-spring coils and a medium firmness rating. The tight-top construction helps preserve the mattress’s shape over time. It also includes a one-year warranty with its purchase.

One reviewer claims the mattress is flimsy and doesn’t feature good material quality finishes. They also indicate the 175-pound weight capacity isn’t sufficient for adults, or even for some children.

The price of this product is $$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.6 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.

The six-inch foam mattress comes in twin to queen sizes. It also features Certi-Pur certification, so it is free of formaldehyde and other dangerous components. It features memory foam cooling technologies also, to help keep owners comfortable when sleeping at night.

The gel, memory foam finish naturally returns to its original form. It conforms to the body and gently reshapes to the owner’s sleeping position. It also includes a five-year warranty.

One reviewer claims that individuals who are heavier will sink into the mattress. It is not the best quality for heavier sleepers, who weigh 150 pounds or more.

The price of this product is $$$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.5 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.

The six-inch memory foam bed is available in twin to king sizes. The bed-in-a-box seamlessly unrolls and takes on its natural shape a few hours after unboxing. It also features Certi-Pur certification, meaning it’s chemical free, and safe for allergen sufferers.

The bed is compatible with nearly any foundation, including adjustable bases and frames. The polyester shell is easy to maintain and keeps sleepers comfortable at night. The six-inch memory foam naturally conforms to the body, to help owners recalibrate and enhance sleep patterns.

One reviewer indicates that they felt lower back pain and body discomfort after sleeping on the mattress. It is not the best quality, or thickest memory foam bed available.

The price of this mattress is $$$ to $$$. The average ratings are 4.5 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.

The Best Brand-Name and Affordable Wayfair Mattress

There are countless options to choose from when buying a new Wayfair mattress. Whether you prefer brand-name or affordability, there are many great options on the site. For those looking for the best prices, the Wayfair Sleep Medium mattress is a good option. For less than $$$, consumers can purchase a bed with medium firmness to provide high levels of sleep support. There’s an 8 and 6-inch thickness option, and it includes a 100-night sleep trial. The mattress arrives in a box. Upon receipt consumers unroll it onto the floor or base, to allow it to settle and even out. High-performance coil springs help enhance comfort levels.

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For consumers who want the best brands, regardless of amount, the best mattress is the Tempur-Pedic mattress. The thick, 13-inch memory foam finish mattress is comfortable and provides pressure point relief. It also comes with an adjustable base for the price. The mattress features cooling technologies and reduces motion transfer on either side of the bed. It also conforms to each person’s body. This material finish helps keep owners comfortable while preventing pain and discomfort overnight. It also has the backing of one of the leading names in the industry in Tempur-Pedic.

Whether affordability or name-brand quality is most desirable, there are several great Wayfair mattress varieties to consider. These are a few of the top products on the site when you’re ready to invest in a new bed.