The Ultimate Spring Air Mattress Review: All You Need to Know

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Does your mattress feel completely different from when you first bought it? Does it take you a while drift into sleep? Do you wake up feeling sore and achy every morning? Then it is probably the right time to get a mattress upgrade. After this, more questions follow.  Do you pick a memory foam or hybrid? Do you go for the Spring Air mattress or the Purple mattress?

Buying a mattress is probably one of the most important decisions you will make, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Poor sleep quality affects your cognitive abilities, mood, and overall health. Sleep experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep. Otherwise, you will likely face the long-term effects of sleep deprivation.

About Spring Air Mattress

Spring Air has been creating innovative mattresses and other sleep sets since 1926. It is the fourth largest mattress manufacturer with eight factories in the United States. In addition, they have 35 global licensees operating in 43 countries. The company offers a variety of models with different levels of support to suit varying sleep preferences.

​What to Look For in a Mattress

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When looking for the right mattress, it is easy to get confused with the wide variety of options to choose from. For this reason, you should consider things such as sleeping position, construction material, firmness and the warranty period. These factors will simplify your decision-making process.

Sleeping position

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Your sleeping position plays a huge role in the overall choice of a mattress. Each sleeping position has a unique need due to the recessed formed when you lie on the mattress. The right mattress provides maximum support to the recessed areas to align your spine.

For a side sleeper, the recessed areas are the shoulders and the hips. Therefore, a softer mattress with a comfort layer that is about three inches thick will provide good support. In contrast, back sleepers need a thinner top layer that is two inches thick for great balance. This is because the lumbar region is their recessed point.

On the other hand, stomach sleepers need a thin comfort layer with an inch of softness to cushion bony areas. If you are a combination sleeper, you will need a mattress that is softer near the top but provides great support once compressed. Because of this, innerspring mattresses with pocket coils or offset coils work best. Latex mattresses are great too.


Firmness describes how soft or hard your mattress feels to determine the level of comfort you will get. The firmness of a mattress is subjective term because what is comfortable to you may be uncomfortable to another person.

For this reason, mattress manufacturers offer different firmness levels to allow customers to find a model that suits their style. The sleep industry also has an unrefined firmness scale for some universality.

The explain this, the firmness scale runs from 1 to 10. From one up to three, the firmness level of mattress here is soft. In contrast, from four up to six, the firmness level of a mattress there will be medium. But from seven to nine, the firmness is much harder with limited softness. Finally, a rating of 10 describes an extremely firm mattress with no softness or sink even though this type is rare.

Mattress construction

Understand the different types of materials used to create your mattress for optimum comfort and support. Most mattress manufacturers offer innerspring, memory foam and hybrid designs. Air and waterbeds also exist but they are not a long-term mattress solution.

Innerspring mattresses feature a steel innerspring coil topped with different foams and fibers. The coils can be either individually wrapped or continuous. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses feature a foam support core topped with a memory foam material for contouring.

Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of the memory foam or latex materials with individually wrapped coils for support. This is an ideal option for those interested in the benefits of both the innerspring system and memory foam or latex materials.

Mattress warranty

Most mattress warranties go for 5, 10 or 25 years. However, research by Sleep like the Dead shows that quality mattresses have longer warranties while inferior ones have shorter warranties.

When you make a warranty claim, consider the costs you might incur in the process. For instance, you could end up paying a fee for someone to inspect whether the mattress qualifies for coverage. On top of this, there could also be shipping charges for a new or repaired mattress.

Be sure to read the guidelines to understand exactly what defaults the mattress manufacturer covers to avoid a voided warranty. Mattress manufacturers usually void warranty coverage if you used improper foundation or the presence of stains and fluids.

Consequently, pay attention to how the company addresses sagging issues. Most warranties deal with sagging depending on its severity. For instance, innerspring mattress warranties require double the depth of sagging at 1.5 inches than memory foam warranties at 0.75 inches.

Similarly, remember to look at customer complaints on warranty-related issues. This is a great way to see how the mattress manufacturer stands behind the warranty. After all, a warranty is only as good as their willingness to honor it.

​What Makes Spring Air Mattress Unique?

The Spring Air Mattress ticks most of the boxes for what to look for in a quality mattress. It also has the added incentive of being budget-friendly. So let’s see how it fares under the factors discussed above.

For starters, the Spring Air Mattress offers a variety of models to suit different sleeping positions. The Back Supporter model is ideal for back sleepers while the Four Seasons model offers great support for side sleepers.

Secondly, Spring Air Mattresses are exclusively hybrids that come in memory foam or latex materials with pocketed coils. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, they do not have an initial off-gassing odor.

Thirdly, the Spring Air Mattress provides different levels of firmness for every sleeper. They also offer a warranty period of 10 years on all of their mattresses. For proper maintenance, the Spring Air Mattress should be rotated two to three times on a regular basis to avoid sagging.

​Types of Spring Air Mattresses

​Spring Air offers four different types of mattresses including the Back Supporter, Back Supporter Elite, Four Seasons, Chattam & Wells, and Sleep Sense mattresses.The Back Supporter collection offers great support and pressure relieving comfort. It features a superior center support with varying levels of foam and natural latex. On the other hand, the Back Supporter Elite is a more enhanced version made of superior materials for a better sleep experience.The Four Seasons mattress comes with specialized cooling features that adapt to body temperature. In contrast, the Chattam & Wells collection is made up of different levels of foam and innerspring for maximum pressure point relief. Finally, the Sleep Sense collection comes with a patented coil design for added relief to the shoulders, back, and hips.

​​​Spring Air Mattress Customer Reviews

Most customers praised the mattress for its comfort levels. Unfortunately, some complained that it sags eventually.

​How We Compiled This Spring Air Mattress Review

​Naturally, before buying the Spring Air Mattress, you have to compare it against other similar products to see if it makes the cut. Therefore, we chose three mattress brands that you are likely to come across and looked at the offerings of each product on their respective company websites.The next step was to look at Amazon customer reviews to analyze the experiences of real people who used the selected mattresses. These first-hand experiences offered great insight into the performance of each product.

Comparable Brands

Ready to see which brands give the Spring Air Mattress a run for their money? Let’s get started.

​Purple Mattress

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The Purple mattress uses an innovative Smart Comfort Grid system to provide great pressure relief for multiple sleeping preferences. This grid helps to disperse heat and allow air circulation to regulate sleeping temperature. The foam layers beneath it ensure that you move easily around the mattress.

This product offers a 10-year warranty period for all its mattress collections. However, two side sleepers complained of feeling soreness after sleeping on the mattress.

​Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress - Queen - Cooling Comfort, Contouring Pressure Relief &...
  • CELLIANT TECHNOLOGY: Scientifically proven to improve muscle recovery and athletic performance thanks to our Celliant...
  • 4 TYPES OF FOAM: Proprietary memory foam technology & mattress design combines 4 layers of foam - 1” of Graphite-Gel...
  • UNIVERSAL COMFORT: Specially adapts to body weight, shape and sleeping style. Sleeps up to 7x cooler than other memory...

​The Bear mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress the features four distinct layers of foam. Each layer helps to contour the body and regulate sleeping temperature. It also consists of quick response forms that compress fast as you lay on the bed and bounces back to its original form when you get up.

The Bear mattress offers a 10-year warranty for its mattresses. Two reviewers complained that they experienced back pain after purchasing the product.

​Nectar Mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam Mattress...
  • #1 FASTEST GROWING BRAND IN THE U.S. - Recognized as the fastest growing e-commerce retailer by Internet Retailer,...
  • TWO FREE PREMIUM PILLOWS INCLUDED - And with every mattress purchase, you also receive two free Nectar Premium Pillows....
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 180 NIGHT TRIAL- You can try Nectar risk-free for 180 night and return it if you are not 100% happy...

Nectar mattress is also a bed-in-a-box mattress that uses multiple layers of the memory foam material in its mattress construction. These thick layers focus on pressure relief just like the Spring Air mattress.

They also offer a generous forever warranty on all their mattresses. One reviewer indicated that the mattress had a strong off-gassing odor.

​​​​​Pros and Cons of the Spring Air Mattress

​The Spring Air mattress comes with many pros and its fair share of cons too.


  • ​Model variety
  • ​Multiple comfort levels
  • ​Provides double-sided models
  • ​No off-gassing
  • ​Budget-friendly


  • ​Durability issues
  • ​Creaking noise
  • ​Sags in the middle

​Our Verdict

The Spring Air mattress is undoubtedly a great pick if you are looking for a good bargain. Apart from this, they offer different varieties to serve people with unique sleeping preferences.

However, they are prone to sagging and noise over time. For this reason, you should invest a lot of time in maintenance by rotating it frequently. Regardless, the Spring Air mattress is still a good mattress that provides a great balance between value and comfort within their warranty period.

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