The Sleep Number Bed: Is it Truly the Best Adjustable Bed?

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Many people wake in the morning feeling pain. If this is something you’re experiencing, you’re not alone. I personally know the Sleep Number Bed can help you reduce pain levels and wake up feeling refreshed.

There are so many mattresses to choose from that choosing one can be overwhelming. I know it was for me when I had to find my mattress and I can tell you, it was a great decision.

You already know that companies try to sell you anything and will claim their product is the “best” and “most innovative.” These claims make matters even worse. So, what should you be looking for? Comfort, quality, durability, and a mattress that conforms to your body. 

It’s also a good idea to look for something with cooling technology to help reduce body heat. And, if possible, a mattress that minimizes motion transfer is ideal if you share the mattress with a partner.

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, buy a mattress because everyone else is. But, you do have to make an informed decision when the time comes to select one. What’s your number? Figuring it out is step one to reinventing how you sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning.

How We Reviewed

We compared the Sleep Number Bed series with other adjustable mattresses. In our review, we considered mattress options, availability, features, and pricing.

We also included information about warranties and consumer reviews about the different products. This information also provides consumers with greater detail about the products, to help them pick the best bed.

Price Range

The price of Sleep Number Bed series depends on which of the four products consumers choose. Additionally, the mattress size will cause pricing to increase. Sleep IQ technologies are optional with some mattresses, and this also raises prices.

For consumers who want optional features like foot warmers or adjustable bases, rates will also differ. This price is only for the mattress and doesn’t include the bases or frames

The Sleep Number Bed: Features and Specs

If your mattress is over ten years old, a Sleep Number Bed would be an upgrade. These mattresses feature comfort and cooling technologies that older mattresses just won’t have. Some of these include:

  • Dual air chambers that owners can adjust to decrease/increase the firmness levels of the bed
  • Memory foam or plush foam layers (depending on the model) to increase sleep comfort levels
  • Breathable, cooling gel materials, to help keep you cool at night
  • The Sleep IQ system that tracks sleep patterns, movement, heart rate, and other indicators (optional feature)
  • The Sleep 360 system that uses movement data to transition the mattress and increase comfort levels overnight

Each Sleep Number Bed has different characteristics that set it apart from others. Depending on the series consumers purchase, some features are standard and others are optional. It’s important to compare each product, to find the right product for each person or couple.

Sleep Number Bed Models

There are four Sleep Number Bed models. These are the Classic (two options), Performance, and Innovation Sleep Number Bed. These are some of the characteristics of each of the four mattress models.

Classic series beds

The Classic Sleep Number Bed is available in C2 and C4 models. The C4 features a polyfoam comfort layer. The C2 bed doesn’t have a comfort layer.This layer lies above the air chambers on the mattress.

It is 1.5 inches thick and features three comfort zones. This entry-level series is a good option for consumers who want firmness control for an affordable price.

Performance series beds

The performance line has a P5 and P6 series. The P5 has a mattress height of 10 inches, pressure relief, and adjusts on both sides of the bed. The P6 has an 11-inch height and provides greater pressure relief.

Both models have optional features consumers can add also. Bed lighting and foot warmers are a couple of additional features consumers can add for an additional fee.

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Innovation series beds

In the innovation series, there are four models, which are the I7, I8, I10, and ILE. This series also includes the Sleep IQ technology as a standard feature. It also features temperature balancing gel and cooling technologies.

The mattresses vary in height between 11 inches to 13 inches depending on the model. The levels of cooling and support also increase with the ILE and I10 models. All four models offer great pressure relief and support for owners.

Who Is the Sleep Number Bed For?

Although there are several great options to choose from, the Sleep Number Bed isn’t for everyone. Some people will benefit more than others from owning this bed. Apart from being expensive, the mattresses aren’t the best option for those who like memory foam.

The bed is best for couples who have different sleeping patterns at night. It automatically adjusts on either side of the bed so that each partner can choose their sleep settings. And, with the king and California king sizes, the adjustable base also allows couples to adjust height levels.

People who suffer from joint or chronic pain will also benefit from owning a Sleep Number Bed. People who like air beds, flexibility, and the latest technologies, will love these mattresses too.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Sleep Number Bed

For consumers who are considering investing in a Sleep Number Bed, it’s essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks. Like all mattresses, this product isn’t perfect for everyone. These are some of the good and bad features worth noting.

Pros of the Sleep Number Bed

There are many great features of the Sleep Number Bed series offers including:

  • Several models to choose from, allowing consumers to find the best fit for their sleep needs
  • The mattresses are available in twin to California king sizes
  • The king and California king mattresses also offer adjustable bases (for an additional cost)
  • Therapeutic benefits and reducing chronic pain levels

Sleep IQ technology is another nice feature to help improve sleep patterns over time. Couples can easily adjust their sleep levels at night, without disrupting the other person as well.

Cons of the Sleep Number Bed

Weighing the negatives is also essential when comparing new beds. Some of the drawbacks of the Sleep Number Bed series include:

  • With technology also comes the possibility of malfunctions
  • The mattress is only available through the Sleep Number company
  • Limitations on the 25-year warranty and the 100-night sleep trial
  • Possible sagging between the air chambers over time

The Best Comparable Adjustable Beds

Before investing in a Sleep Number Bed, consumers should also consider their alternatives. These are a few of the best adjustable bed competitors to consider when choosing a new one.

Personal Comfort A2

This eight-inch, Damask covered mattress features firmness adjustability like the Sleep Number Bed. The company also produces it in the USA, in FDA registered labs guaranteeing the highest safety standards.

The mattress comes with a 25-year warranty. The company also manufactures an 11-inch and 13-inch adjustable mattress.It utilizes a state-of-the-art pump system to adjust firmness levels in the mattress.

It also features two-zone adjustment allowing each sleeper to change their side of the bed to their liking. A touchscreen digital control will enable owners to adjust the mattress to the firmness levels of their choice.

The pump system technology features 45 different adjustment setting levels. This design allows each to find the ideal firmness levels for the best night’s sleep. Consumers also receive a 120-night sleep trial with this mattress and free shipping.

Some reviewers, however, complain of poor quality and issues with comfort levels on the mattress. One reviewer notes that they wake up feeling back pain after sleeping on this mattress.

Night Air Mattress

This mattress features six air chambers, allowing each partner to adjust their side of the bed to a different level.

There are adjustment chambers throughout the back, head, and feet. The mattress features a two-inch tri-zone latex finish. This material is comfortable and also helps keep the mattress cool overnight.

The eight-inch high-density foam material is sturdy and provides perimeter support to help prevent sagging. The LCD control allows owners to adjust the firmness levels from one to 100 on either side of the mattress.

The mattress height is 10 inches. There are auto-fill and memory retention options owners can set on the controller as well. This feature allows owners to adjust their side of the mattress to the perfect level for quick adjustments.

Warranty information is not available through Amazon for this product. It is available in Twin and California king sizes.

Thomasville Saturn Bed

This mattress features anti-microbial stay-cool foam liners to ensure high levels of comfort overnight. The 12-inch mattress also features dual-chamber air technologies.

Owners can adjust in the head, lumbar, and lower foot area of the mattress. It also allows each person to change the firmness levels to their liking, without disrupting the other person in bed.

The stay-cool gel memory foam also encompasses the body upon laying down on top of it. The adjustability ranges are from one to 100 for optimal levels of personalization.

The tri-zone venting technology also helps draw heat away from the body and mattress at night. The result, the company says, is a more refreshing, more comfortable night’s sleep. Like the Sleep Number Bed, this mattress also comes with a 25-year warranty.

Leesa Sapira

Although the mattress doesn’t feature adjustability on both sides, it does feature a five-layer chamber construction. This design mimics the support that is present in the Sleep Number Bed series.

There is an Avena foam layer, a memory foam layer, core support, a core coil system, and a mattress base. These layers also work together to help conform to the owner’s body, creating optimal support from head to toe.

The hybrid mattress also conforms to the owner’s body, increasing levels of comfort overnight. It gently pushes back at pressure points, to help minimize pain and also improve sleep patterns over time.

Additionally, this mattress is available in twin to California king sizes. So, owners can find the perfect bed for any bedroom, to accommodate even the pickiest sleeper. The luxury hybrid mattress also includes a 100-night sleep trial.

So, consumers can try it out, and if they aren’t happy with the product. If they aren’t, they can return the mattress for a full refund.

Quality concerns are one of the issues reviewers indicate with this product. In this review, the customer notes the mattress began to sag after one month of ownership. This product defect can cause back pain and discomfort as time progresses.

Our Verdict: The Sleep Number Bed vs. Its Competitors

The Sleep Number Bed is a pioneer in adjustable mattress technologies. The company has the latest innovative technologies and also introduces new product lines regularly. It also includes a 25-year warranty (limited) and 100-night sleep trial for consumers to try out before committing.

The fact that the company offers nearly 10 beds to choose from means there’s something for anyone. If you have the money, the Sleep Number Bed series is the best option available.

Even the entry-level C2 series is expensive when adding optional features to the mix. So, this should be something consumers account for if they’re considering this product.

For those who are on a budget, there are also alternatives to consider. If you can’t afford the sleep number series, the best option is the Thomasville Saturn bed. Thomasville is also a recognizable furniture and mattress manufacturer so that you can rely on the quality and performance.

The mattress features six air chambers allowing owners to adjust it to their liking. There are adjustability chambers in the lumbar, neck/head, and feet region. Both sides of the mattress allow each partner to choose the perfect setting, without disrupting the other person.

Memory foam and anti-microbial material finishes are durable and comfortable. The bed also features cooling technologies, to keep you comfy at night.

When choosing an adjustable mattress, comfort, design, quality, and reputation, are some relevant factors to consider.

The Sleep Number Bed is a leader in the industry. There are, however, alternatives to consider as well. Regardless of your budget, these are some of the best air mattresses available today.

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