Sequin Pillow – A Great Addition to Your Decor to Bring Some Fun

Sequin Pillow - A Great Assition to Your Decor to Bring Some Fun

It doesn’t matter what you’re living situation is, every living space needs that little bit of pizazz. Thankfully a sequin pillow or two can do a great job at making a living space feel both homey and new. If you’re looking for multicolored pillows that can provide hours of entertainment than you just might have found the right place.

There are a wide variety of these cute pillows, but are they what you need for your home? From different shapes and sizes to different colors and even customization there is no end to the entertainment. Some pillows though are riddled with lousy quality and rough reviews. So let’s start with the basics.

What is a Sequin Pillow?

Usually small and square these pillows have sequins, generally across at least one side of the pillow. Typically small and used to decorate a home many people will not sleep on them. Here’s a sequin pillow in action.

Product Specifications

To find specifications for a specific pillow, you’ll need to look at the individual listing of that pillow online. Overall, many of the pillows have basic specs, such as reversible sequins. There are also different colors on both sides often called a “mermaid’” pillow. These pillows can come in a variety of different shapes such as the basic square, heart-shaped, circular and more. They’re usually small in stature, and some even have different designs on them in different colored sequins. You may be familiar with the pillow that has taken over the internet.


These pillows aren’t all that pricey. You can get a sequin pillow or two without breaking the bank. Of course, prices will be different on different sites and through various companies; overall though it isn’t going to destroy your wallet if you end up wanting a few.

How We Reviewed

We conducted this overview of Sequin Pillows by searching the internet for a variety of different pillows. We looked at the designs, likeability, brands, and price ranges for each pillow. Afterward, we went over the ratings and reviews of real customers who bought the pillows. From there we narrowed our list down to some of the most popular and appealing pillows available.

Best Sequin Pillows on the Market

The following are some of the best sequin pillows on the market.


SIRENE Mermaid Pillow Reversible Sequin Pillow That Changes Color -...

A teal blue and light purple this mermaid pillow can jump from one color to another. ANKIT claims that this pillow will be 4 inches thick and 16 inches in both length and width. They also say that it has a softer material on one side and a 1-year warranty. They also claim that it’s therapeutic, and you can quickly create small designs and write on the sequin side.

Some customers were delighted with these pillows, talking about great customer service, and giving us tales of the therapeutic natures of the pillow. They sing a song of happiness and delight, but others aren’t singing the same song. Some customers claim that the pillows were defective, the sequins double stitched, or that the pillows were low quality.



This pillow has a whale tail printed on it, and it’s mermaid-style sequins make it look more mermaid-like. Basumee says that their pillows are great for kids, and are great for decoration for a sofa, bed, or couch. Claiming that their sequin pillows have an invisible zipper that will leave the pillow looking cute on all sides. They also claim that this pillow will help encourage a child’s imagination and creativity. We can only tell if this is true based on what customers have to say about this interesting looking pillow.

Some customers were delighted with this pillow. They said that it was a fun pillow, that they couldn’t stop flipping the sequins, and that the zipper did work as an invisible zipper. Other people were nowhere near as impressed. Some claimed it is smaller than stated on the listing and not quite as high quality as pillows acquired elsewhere.


Mainstays Reversible 17" x 17" Sequin Mermaid Decorative Pillow

This reversible sequin pillow is covered in bright blues and greens, with a black side to the sequins for a more subtle feel. Mainstays are one of the biggest home providers, promising that this pillow is both fashionable and reversible. These pillows are about 17 by 17 inches and can bring modern style and luxury into the right room. Made of 100 percent polyester lets look at what some of the customers think about this sequin pillow.

Customers are cooing over its cute colors. Some customers claim it entertains their children for hours, while others say that they aren’t so happy. Some people claim they got defective products, and that the pillows aren’t made well.


Posh Home Sequined Mermaid Decorative Pillow

This sequin pillow is black and white by default, but it has a few color choices. Posh Home states that it’s 100 percent polyester. They also say that its origin of components and assembly are imported not giving us a real idea of where the pillow comes from. Claiming you can add a modern and cool aspect to a room with these pillows lets see how stylish and cool people think they are.

This pillow isn’t the most favorite pillow on this list. Some people are upset about how small the pillow is. They also complain of the low quality of the sewing for the sequins. On the other hand, though some people adored them saying that they’re pretty, decorative and sturdy.


Set of 2 Decorative Sequin Throw Pillow 17x17 Inch

This deal comes with two different sequin pillows and comes in such a wide variety of colors its hard to think you might not find a color you’d like. These pillows don’t say what percentage of them is polyester, just that they are. With faux silk fabric on the back, these pillows can be comfortable on the non-sequin side and entertaining on the sequin side. Kashi Home claims that they’re the perfect gift for everyone from your family, your friends, or even yourself.

There isn’t a lot to learn about this sequin pillow. Most customers loved it, but a few disgruntled customers complained about poor workmanship and ripped seams.


Brentwood Originals 2620 Mermaid 18" Decorative Pillow

According to Brentwood, this sequin pillow is all about variety. With different colors for the front and back its, like its competitors, filled with polyester. At a size of 17 by 17 inches, this pillow is larger than some of the others on this list. With the almost complete ability to control the color you want for your order this pillow seems to be the most versatile on the list.

These pillows seem to come as Kohl’s says they will, with well-stitched sequins that entertain for hours according to the customers. Many people bought them for their children who they say loved the pillows.


hallmart-collectibles-mermaid-colorblocked-rainbow-sequin-18-square decorative pillow rainbow

This sequin pillow from Macy’s has a basic color blocked ground coloration with a rainbow mermaid sequin. This shows us that the sequins when flipped are multicolored. Stuffed with polyester filling Macy’s claims that it’s available both online and in your nearest Macy’s store. It’s a little larger than other pillows at about 18 by 18 inches.



This mermaid-style sequin throw pillow is another excellent addition, and incredibly shiny from the pictures. A square shape which measures 18 by 18 inches its one of the larger pillows on this list according to Bed Bath and Beyond. Made in the USA with imported materials from other countries this pillow is stuffed with 100 percent polyester like its competitors and is incredibly entertaining according to the supplier. Let’s take a look at what the reviews say though.

People seem to love the variation of colors, how fun these pillows are and the high quality of the stitching. We could not find any customer complaints about this pillow.

Our Verdict

A Sequin Pillow seems to be overall an excellent addition to a home. From the customer reviews and complaints, there is the possibility of getting defective pillows. The pillows may appear damaged upon arrival, but some brands seem to be a bit more reliable than others. Some of them are smaller than advertised, but they are still entertaining and colorful. You’ll need to be careful which vendor you buy from if you decide these pillows are a good idea for your home.

From our point of view, a sequin pillow is a stunning addition to your home but watch your step. Some companies are more prone to delivering damaged or falsely advertised products, which leaves us looking at the reviews. In the end, the choice is up to you, all you can do is look at the reviews and make a logical decision. Thankfully though customer service seems to be on point for most of the brands, so even if you get a rough product you’re sure to be able to get at least an exchange if you ask.

Have you looked at any of these Sequin Pillows? Let us know your favorite pillow in the comment section below!

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