Parachute Bedding Review: Fall Asleep Comfortably? Or Slow the Descent?

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If there’s anything we need more of, it’s restful sleep. Part of that mysterious equation for the perfect snooze is the right bedding. And with so many available choices, a Parachute bedding review will help you narrow down your decision.

Because at the end of the day — or the beginning of it — a good night’s rest makes all the difference. But will you sleep soundly knowing how much you spent on these sheets?

​What You Need to Know About the Parachute Brand

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Parachute’s founder, Ariel Kaye, held a passionate drive to make high-quality bed sheets at an affordable price. What first started as an online-only, direct-to-consumer bedding company has quickly grown into a full-fledged lifestyle brand.

How the company got its start

Ariel Kaye launched Parachute in 2014. At first, the company focused solely on bedding. But the business quickly expanded its product line to include towels, rugs, robes, tablecloths, and other household goods.

Recently, in 2017, they even introduced a limited line of bedroom furniture.

The Parachute team, based in Los Angeles, designs each product for manufacture all around the world. They use globally sourced materials, and nearly every Parachute product lists not only the material and its source but also details about where the piece was actually made.

To complement their modern designs, Parachute also built a lifestyle around their brand. Their team offers product styling suggestions for your home, explanations of materials, and care guides for your new Parachute items.

And to help shoppers choose their new bedding, they have a Parachute bedding review guide for each of their fabrics.

What makes Parachute bedding unique?


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Parachute puts a strong emphasis on their natural bedding material. In other words, they don’t add chemicals or synthetics to their products.

Although they’re not GOTS certified organic, their bedding does boast Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. Each Parachute product, from the thread to the zipper, is tested at every step of production for harmful chemicals.

Although this doesn’t guarantee the components are grown organically, this standard does ensure each product is safe for daily use.

Parachute also sells directly to the consumer, which means their luxury bedding can be sold at a lower price. As a result, they’ve developed an admirable level of brand loyalty among their customers.

Consumers enjoy the brand so much, it’s surprising more don’t feel a need to write their own Parachute bedding review!

Is thread count really that important?

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven together within a square inch of fabric. However, Parachute firmly believes that thread count is not a proper measurement for comfort.

While some sheets claim to use a thread count over 1,000, most industry professionals agree you don’t need a thread count higher than 400.

A better factor to consider is actually the length of the fibers. Parachute uses long-staple Egyptian cotton, which naturally produces longer threads of fiber. As a result, they claim their Percale and Sateen bedding will withstand more washings and remain enjoyably soft for longer than the competition.

So when going through a Parachute bedding review, or one for any other brand of sheets, thread count may not be the most critical detail to consider.

How We Reviewed


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Because Parachute doesn’t usually sell their products through third-party retailers, there aren’t many independent user reviews available. Instead, we looked at Parachute bedding review information from expert sources, including publications like Good Housekeeping and Business Insider.

We also chose three brands and types of bedding that compare to Parachute’s bedding line. We then evaluated a random selection of praises and complaints to determine what you may experience as an average consumer.

​Parachute Bedding Review: How the Lifestyle Brand Compares

Parachute has made great efforts to design the best bedding – but how does it compare to other brands?

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen Bed Linen Set, Luxe Sheets Set + Duvet Cover, Solid White -...
  • Queen duvet cover with sateen weave and long-staple cotton with 480-thread count feature a rich, buttery-smooth weave...
  • Eco friendly: OEKO-TEX certified so they're good for you and for Mother Earth
  • Easy Care: Machine wash cool or warm to preserve color, fibers, elasticity; For best results line-dry comforter or use...

Brooklinen has a similar brand mission. That is, to create affordable, comfortable bed sheets.

Unlike Parachute, the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set comes with a top sheet as well as a fitted sheet and pillowcases. Plus, Brooklinen includes long and short side labels to help you make the bed correctly each time.

One satisfied customer purchased a second set, while another mentioned how much her guests loved the sheets. The only negative review said the bed sheet set “feels [the] same as the cheap ones.”


  • ​Made with high-quality cotton
  • ​Includes top sheet in bedding sets


  • ​Overall experience may not be worth the price

​Looma Sheet Set

Looma Ultra-Soft 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set, 300 Thread Count Long...
  • Sheets made from the world's finest long-staple, organic cotton grown in the valleys of the Himalayas. 2x softer and...
  • Sleep better: These sheets combine the softness of cotton with the breathability of linen. The perfect combination of...
  • Long lasting: These sheets won’t pill or wear thin — they will only get softer with every wash.

Launched in 2019 through Kickstarter, Looma emphasizes their ethical supply chain as the focus of their mission. In addition to being certified organic and fair trade, they work closely with cotton farmers to reaffirm their roles in the global market.

Like Brooklinen, Looma includes a top sheet in their bedding sets.

One customer raved that the sheets “have transformed my bed into a cloud oasis.”


  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Ethical business model
  • ​Includes top sheet in bedding sets


  • ​Newer company

​Stone & Beam Belgian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Belgian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set,...
  • The lived-in look and feel of these sheets will envelop you for years of peaceful sleeping. Their subtle texture,...
  • 100% Linen
  • Imported

Stone & Beam is one of Amazon’s home décor brands.

Customers raved about how the sheets kept them exactly the temperature they wanted. One positive reviewer mentioned that they “haven’t had to wear socks to sleep after sleeping in these sheets,” while another praised the linens for being “incredibly breathable and keep me cool.”

The most common complaint was that the sheets were too thin. For some, the bedsheets tore easily.


  • ​Great for both hot and cold sleepers
  • ​Affordable price


  • ​Too thin

​Is Parachute Bedding Really Worth the Price?

Depending on your sleep and budgetary needs, our Parachute bedding review should help you decide whether to make the purchase.

Although the brand doesn’t sell through third-party retailers very often, there are some customer reviews available directly through the Parachute website.

For example, the Luxury Percale Sheet Set and the Linen Sheet Set both score about 4.0 out of 5.0 stars from direct Parachute customers. Meanwhile, their popular Luxury Sateen Sheet Set earns about 4.5 out of 4.0 stars from Parachute customers.

On the other hand, many of their products have no customer reviews or ratings currently available on the Parachute website or elsewhere.


  • ​Variety of high-quality fabrics
  • ​Sheet available in six sizes
  • ​Can order separate pieces or entire sets
  • ​90-day trial period
  • ​Neutral colors match any bedroom décor
  • ​Donates a bed net for every Venice Bedding Set sold


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Wrinkle easily
  • ​Not certified organic
  • ​Top sheet is not included in sheet sets

​Sleep Comfortably with Parachute Bedding


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While Parachute sheets may not feel dreamily soft at first, they will become softer with every wash without wearing out. We recommend the Percale sheets to anyone who has trouble staying cool at night, and the Sateen for those who prefer a heavier sheet. The linen is perfect for both hot and cool sleepers.

If you’re not interested in owning luxurious bed sheets, however, this brand is not for you.

But if you want sheets that feel light and crisp, or you want to customize your bed sheet ensemble, consider investing in a set of Parachute bed sheets.

There’s no doubt that Parachute bedding is a worthwhile investment. And it’s paved the way for other luxury bedding brands to emerge and offer alternative, affordable options.

But with other comparable options on the market, Parachute still might not be the perfect fit for every consumer.

Have you tried any of these luxury bedding brands? Is there a company not mentioned here you think deserves a moment in the spotlight? Share your own Parachute bedding review or other thoughts in the comments!

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