Cocoon Mattress: Review And Guide To The Cocoon Chill And Classic

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There are early birds, and there are night owls. Sometimes those night owls are not staying awake voluntarily though; maybe they don’t have a good mattress like a Cocoon mattress! So don’t believe every night owl when they say sleep is a waste of time, they are just covering for their terrible mattress.

The mattress could be too hard. Or too soft. Some people complain that their mattress gives them back pain. Some whine that their beds are lumpy. Maybe even too springy. If you’re one of those people, perhaps it is time for a switch, and maybe the Cocoon mattress will be the perfect mattress for you.

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What is a Cocoon Mattress?

Back in 2016, the great, the wonderful, the almighty Oprah Winfrey listed the Cocoon mattress by Sealy as one of her favorite things. And that certainly got the name hanging on everyone’s mouths – fan or not. It also caused different brands to get into the business of producing Cocoon mattresses, hoping to get into the fray of being one of Oprah’s favorite things.

When it comes to mattresses, you can always trust Sealy. In business for more than a century, that’s longer than a lot of other mattress manufacturers. Also, for the two years before rolling out the product, the Sealy team has been determined in their non-stop efforts to produce the most effective mattress possible, testing out more than 100 prototypes so they can do precisely that. To ensure high-end quality and avoid disappointing the customers, they aim to control all the entire production process of their Cocoon mattresses, beginning from materials to the final stitch.

As a result of all these hard work, Sealy finally came up with their very own Cocoon mattress, becoming a sensational brand overnight, all thanks to Oprah.

Cocoon Mattress Features, Types, and Specs

You can find two kinds of Cocoon mattresses on the Sealy market right now, which are the Cocoon Classic and the Cocoon Chill.

The Cocoon Classic is the mattress that shot the brand so far off the ground that it has become a household name. Equipped with high-quality memory foam, it adapts to your body size, shape, and favorite sleep position.

The Cocoon Chill, on the other hand, is a newer type, best for those who are rather particular about the ideal temperature they sleep in. This mattress is infused with a proprietary material that is capable of absorbing and dissipating heat to provide a surface that refreshing and cool to touch but still has the high-quality memory foam they promise.

Four layers

There are four layers for these two Cocoon mattresses. For the Cocoon Classic, the top layer is a premium fabric cover, stretch-knit with spun poly fibers to provide a soft feel for the occupants as it is breathable and durable. The top layer for the Cocoon Chill is slightly different, which is a cover the company designed with cooling technology, otherwise known as the “Phase Change Material.”

Apart from that, the rest of the layers are the same. They have memory foam for the second layer, the personalized comfort layer – soft or firm – for the third, and the essential support foam to give durability and resilience to the bottom layer. A Cocoon mattress can hold up to 500 pounds. You can probably fit an entire family and probably even more, and the mattress would probably still hold out.

Measurements and comfort

Each mattress is as thick as 10-inches. And the Cocoon mattress is also one of those bed-in-a-box products, whereby it is compressed and rolled into a 15 by 15 by 44-inch box and then delivered to your doorstep. Once ordered, you can expect delivery within five to seven business days! The mattresses come in the following sizes:

Cocoon by Sealy Classic Firm Mattress in a Box

  • Twin: 38 by 74.5 inches
  • Twin XL: 38 by 79.5 inches
  • Full: 53 by 74.5 inches
  • Queen: 60 by 79.5 inches
  • King: 76 by 79.5 inches
  • Cal King: 72 by 83.5 inches
  • You can get both the Cocoon Classic and Cocoon Chill in either firm or soft, depending on your personal preference. The difference between these two is how much you like being able to sink into your bed. The best way to describe it is that on a soft mattress, you feel like you are in bed, while on a firm mattress, you feel like you are on the bed.


    The pricing for a Cocoon mattress by Sealy ranges from three hundred ninety nine dollars to one thousand one hundred forty nine dollars, depending on the type and size of your chosen mattress. You can quickly order from the Cocoon by Sealy website. The interface is extremely minimalistic and easy to navigate, so you should be able to place your order in no time!

    Sealy also offers free shipping for their cocoon mattresses. Plus, they allow customers to have a 100-night trial with their mattresses. If you are unhappy with it, you can return it and get a refund if it is within the first 100 nights. You’ll also be happy to know that the company donates all returned mattresses to charity for those in need.

    Customer service

    If you ever have any questions or complaints, Cocoon by Sealy has a customer service team. They operate all day every day.

    You can reach out to them either via email or phone Of course, it is advisable that you check out their FAQ page before you make any move to get in touch with them, as it’ll save both parties a lot of time.

    How Does the Cocoon Mattress Compare?

    There are other mattresses on the market that are comfortable like the Cocoon mattress. We have found a few of them and listed them below.

    DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress

    dream cloud mattress

    As one of the newest memory foam mattresses in the market, DreamCloud has certainly made quite a breakthrough with its super premium luxury hybrid 15-inch mattress. If you are an individual who carries a lot of weight, this may be the mattress for you. The mattress also cools well despite its many memory foam layers.

    When you think of memory foam, you will probably think of the accentuation of the sinking feeling that memory foams often offer. Well, DreamCloud is slightly different in that perspective. The quick response latex and compressed coil system eliminate that feeling. And they do it without compromising the contoured support.

    For a mattress that can bring you a luxury resort experience at home, it takes eight layers of premium materials, which are:

  • Tufted cashmere blend EuroTop
  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Super soft quilted memory foam
  • Natural Latex
  • Dream Plush memory foam
  • Super dense super soft memory foam
  • Best Rest Coils
  • High density super soft memory foam
  • As you can see, DreamCloud really prioritizes the memory foam in memory foam mattress. In a normal mattress marketplace, a mattress that consists of premium materials such as the ones listed above can be considerably pricier, as much as three times the price DreamCloud is offering. A DreamCloud memory foam mattress costs between one thousand seventy five dollars and one thousand five hundred dollars.

    Regarding customer support, DreamCloud offers a much more distinctive and beneficial service to the customers, in comparison to other brands. Instead of the standard 100-night trial period, this brand offers a total of one full year as a trial period. Furthermore, a DreamCloud mattress warranty also lasts a lifetime.

    Casper Mattress

     Casper Sleep Mattress – Supportive, Breathable and Unique Memory Foam

    After its launch back in 2014, the Casper mattress quickly became a household name in the mattress industry. Casper has just improved its flagship mattress to offer further comfort for customers.

    The biggest change to the mattress is its new zoned support. This support promises to extra relief for specific parts of the body. Along with the zoned support are three other layers, which are the breathable open cell foam, high-density memory foam, and durable support foam. All of these put together will guarantee occupants durability, comfort, and ideal temperature. The only downside is that there is only a singular firmness setting, so you are going to have to make do. But with the price point that a Casper mattress comes at, it is all worth it.

    A Casper mattress’ cost ranges from five hundred ninety five dollars to one thousand two hundred dollars depending on the size. All in all, rather reasonable for a high-end mattress such as this. As for the warranty and trial period, they are the standard 10 years and 100 nights, respectively.

    Layla Mattress

     Layla Sleep Memory Foam Full Mattress - Copper Infused Cooling System

    The Layla mattress made and carved its name in the market by being the only copper infused mattress. Not only that, but it also has flippable firmness, which means that one side is firm and one side is soft.

    Four layers of quality materials make up for the 10-inches of a Layla mattress. The mattress includes 3-inches of copper-infused memory foam, 2-inches of convoluted support foam, 4.5-inches of support foam, and another 1-inch of copper-infused memory foam. They chose to use copper because copper is better as a cooling technology. It also has a retroactive cooling cover with ThermoGEL.

    The mattress costs between five hundred bucks and one grand depending on its size. It also has a 120-night trial and lifetime warranty.

    Pros & Cons of the Cocoon Mattress

    But of course, not everything is perfect. As we compare the Cocoon mattress with other memory foam mattresses out there, we have also discovered several pros and cons about the Cocoon mattress.


    • Durable and reliable
    • Cooling technology does work
    • Motion isolation is top notch
    • Produced by a leading mattress-making company
    • Expansive motion isolation
    • Reasonable price point


    • The firm version may be a little too firm
    • Not as much sinkage as hoped for
    • Not much edge support
    • Potential off-gassing

    Comparison Table






    Cocoon Mattress

    Cocoon by Sealy Classic Firm Mattress in a Box
    • high-quality memory foam
    • adapts to your body size, shape, and favorite sleep position
    • infused with a proprietary material that is capable of absorbing and dissipating heat

    Check Price

    DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress

    dream cloud mattress
    • super premium luxury hybrid 15-inch mattress
    • cools well despite its many memory foam layers
    • offers a total of one full year as a trial period

    Check Price Here

    Casper Mattress

     Casper Sleep Mattress – Supportive, Breathable and Unique Memory Foam
    • new zoned support
    • three other layers, which are the breathable open cell foam, high-density memory foam, and durable support foam

    Check Price

    Layla Mattress

     Layla Sleep Memory Foam Full Mattress - Copper Infused Cooling System
    • the only copper infused mattress
    • flippable firmness
    • retroactive cooling cover with ThermoGEL

    Check Price

    Our Verdict

    It is great that the Cocoon mattress has different varieties. You buy a cooling mattress, classic mattress, firm mattress or soft mattress. The blend of the different but high-quality layers make up for a durable, resilient, and most importantly, comfortable support. Once you lie down on it, you’ll want a Cocoon mattress in each room of your house.

    Also, the base layer is also so strong that you do not have to worry about little kids jumping on it or having more than two people sleeping on it. Plus, if you have a partner, the motion isolation technology will limit motion transfer. That means there will be limited disturbances to your sleep. That is especially important if your partner moves around a lot in their sleep.

    All in all, at that price point with that build, it is no wonder that Oprah has chosen this mattress as one of her favorite things. So, if you want to sleep like Oprah, this is the one mattress to pick up.

    Product Quality
    Customer Service
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    cocoon-mattressYou are assured of the durability and reliability of the Cocoon Mattress. The Motion isolation feature is top notch. Their offer of the 100 night trial is also a huge plus, wherein you can return the product and get a refund if you are unhappy with it. Though the firm version may be a little too firm, but all in all, it's a great value for the money you pay.