Brooklinen Sheets Review: The Height of Comfort?

Brooklinen sheets review

You’re about to fall asleep, but then your leg twitches, and you realize you can feel a big hole in your sheets. So, you hop online to find a Brooklinen sheets review, wondering if you should invest in your next sheet set.

Sheets can make a surprising difference in how we sleep. If you choose the wrong material, you can wake up hot and sweaty.

But are expensive sheets really worth their high price tag? That’s up to you to decide!

Brooklinen Sheets Review: A First Look

You probably put some thought into your mattress, right? After all, you sleep on it every night, so it should be comfortable. Well, the same thing applies to sheets.

If you choose the wrong sheets, you might have a harder time falling asleep. The wrong material can make you more likely to sweat or overheat. And that’s on top of being an unpleasant material.

For this Brooklinen sheets review, we want to focus on what makes the sheets so comfortable. While everyone has their preferences for materials or colors, you should know if Brooklinen sheets are worth considering.

Soft and cozy

No one wants rough, paper-like sheets. The Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Set uses 480 thread count 100 percent long-staple cotton. They come as a set, which includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

These sheets are soft and breathable, and they only contain the highest quality cotton available. The sheets come in a range of sizes to fit the bed of your choice, from Twin to California King.

They come in different colors, including gray and white. Also, the sheets have a lifetime warranty. If they ever rip or fray, you can get your money back.

These sheets also have OEKO-TEK certification, which means they don’t contain harsh chemicals.

What others have to say

For our Brooklinen sheets review, we wanted to know how other people felt about the sheets. According to the Brooklinen sheets review from The Spruce, the long-staple cotton means that the sheets are pretty durable.

They also mentioned the sheets get more comfortable with each wash, and the set is worth its high price tag.

The Sleep Advisor Brooklinen sheets review said the sheets are a good investment for bedding. However, they’re expensive, and the linen can crease easily.

And if you decide to return the sheets, you still have to pay for shipping and handling.

Amazon customers have similar thoughts. One Brooklinen sheets review said the sheets are comfortable but pricey. But others said the sheets aren’t worth the cost.

Pros and cons

No Brooklinen sheets review would be complete without the pros and cons. While the sheets have some great features, they also have some downsides.


  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Can crease easily
  • Easy to stain

Like a Cloud

For our Brooklinen sheets review, we started by looking at the Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Set. We considered the features, such as thread count and materials. Next, we looked at the different sizes and color choices.

We were also interested in their warranty and the lack of harsh chemicals.

After our initial look, we took a look at what professionals and customers had to say. We found a professional Brooklinen sheets review for the Luxe set from The Spruce and another form Sleep Advisor.

Once we went through those reviews, we scanned the customer reviews on Amazon.

Finally, we found a few similar sheet sets and put them through the same tests. Our Brooklinen sheets review covers the competition so that you can know what else is out there.

While the Brooklinen sheets sound fantastic, we still think it’s worth comparison shopping.

Brooklinen or Bust?

At this point, we can give a pretty favorable Brooklinen sheets review. They use high-quality materials, and the sheets don’t contain harsh chemicals.

But we also know that there are some similar sheets from the competition. So, we wanted to look at those sheets to give a better, more final Brooklinen sheets review.

Bokser Home Percale Sheets Set

The Bokser Home Percale Sheets Set uses a light, breathable percale weave. That makes the sheets cool and crisp to the touch so you can sleep more comfortably.

These sheets have OEKO-TEK certification, which means they don’t contain harsh chemicals. They also use 100 percent long-staple cotton, and they never use plastic-based microfiber.

The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. You can choose from sizes Twin through California King. These sets also come in different colors, including sky blue and navy.

One customer said they never realized the importance of sheets until they tried these. However, a second customer said the sheets make a crinkling sound, and the sheets can be too cool.

Our pros include:

  • Durable cotton
  • OEKO-TEK certified
  • Variety of sizes and colors

And our cons:

  • Can be too cool
  • Crinkling sound

Peru Pima Percale Sheet Set

The Peru Pima Percale Sheet Set uses 415 thread count 100 percent Pima cotton. These sheets feel like the ones you find in hotels.

They have OEKO-TEK certification, so they don’t contain harsh chemicals. The sheets come in a set with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

This set comes in sizes twin through California King. You can choose from colors, including navy and burgundy.

One customer said the sheets are very comfortable. Another customer said the sheets are nice, but the fit isn’t great.

Our pros:

  • High-quality cotton
  • Feel like hotel sheets
  • OEKO-TEK certification

And our cons:

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not a perfect fit

Looma Luxury Sheet Set

The Looma Luxury Sheet Set uses long-staple cotton from the Himalayas. Supposedly, that cotton is softer and more durable than another cotton.

These sheets are soft, but they’re also breathable, which is nice if you sweat at night. The sheets will get softer as you wash them, and they won’t break down.

This set is hypoallergenic and is certified GOTS organic, which means there are no pesticides or other harsh chemicals.

The sheets come in Twin XL through King, and colors include white and navy.

One customer said the sheets are very soft. Fortunately or unfortunately, we couldn’t find many customer complaints.

Our pros include:

  • Soft and breathable
  • Durable
  • Organic

And our cons:

  • Expensive
  • Limited size selection

Doze Off

Whether your current sheets are on their last leg or they’re just not comfortable, you should consider new sheets. But the market is huge, and there are tons of options at affordable prices.

As we discovered in our Brooklinen sheets review, Brooklinen sheets are more expensive than your average sheets. However, we also think they have a bit more to offer than ordinary bedding.

The sheets are smooth, and they’re durable. And if they’re slightly out of your budget, the Bokser Home and Peru Pima sets are good alternatives.

Have you tried these sheets? Leave your Brooklinen sheets review in the comments!