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Sheex Review: The Best Snooze for Your Buck?

Sheex Review

If you’re suffering from insomnia and looking for answers, you’ve probably heard of all sorts of so-called remedies that don’t work and supposedly miracle products that are a waste of your money. Sheex sheets are quite the investment, so any honest Sheex review must take that into account.

There are many causes of insomnia, some medical, others psychological. If you’ve ruled out any medical reason, and you’re not participating in any unhealthy sleeping patterns like working at night or taking naps throughout the day, then you might be experiencing insomnia due to depression or anxiety.

The nice thing about Sheex is that they have a solution for those who can’t turn off their brains at night. They also have a solution for anyone who can’t sleep due to heat and sweat.

What Are Sheex?

Sheex are a high-end, moisture-wicking sheet set. If you work out, that phrase should sound familiar as most exercise clothing involves some level of moisture-wicking.

Sheex were invented by two coaches from the University of South Carolina, Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak.

They liked the way that performance clothing felt and decided to invent sheets that had the same feeling and heat-reducing qualities. Since then, they’ve branched out into other products that assist with other causes of insomnia.

How do they work?

The Sheex sheet sets’ material is either a spandex and polyester blend or, for the more environmentally friendly, bamboo viscose. These fabrics pull moisture from the body and facilitate air circulation. This property, combined with their superior insulating effects, helps keep the body cool at night.

The sheets are a bit softer than the athletic wear that inspired them. Responding to user comments, the brand has also recently come out with its Luxury Copper line, which includes cotton woven into the fabric, making them even softer.

Other products by Sheex

Although most people know Sheex for its moisture-wicking sheets, any Sheex review would be remiss not to mention their other options. Sheex has branched out over the years to include, not just sheets, but comforters, mattresses, and even sleepwear — all designed to offer a cooler night’s sleep.

A recent addition to this impressive lineup is the Calm + Cool Weighted Blanket. Sleep professionals have been touting weighted blankets for their ability to help ease the symptoms of insomnia, especially insomnia due to stress or anxiety.

These blankets help soothe anxious people by mimicking the feeling of someone holding you. They are also effective for a plethora of other insomnia-inducing factors, such as Restless Leg Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

How We Reviewed

In this Sheex review, we strive to bring an honest and straightforward assessment of Sheex products and their effectiveness. We have aggregated reviews from sleeping professionals as well as Sheex customers.

As for actual users of the product, these clients give insight into the daily usage of the sheets as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Sheex Review

As Sheex has many products, this Sheex review cannot possibly cover all of them. We’ve chosen to focus on the original focus of the company — moisture-wicking sheets and comforters — but will also include information about other relevant products.

Sheex Original Performance Sheets

The Original Sheex Sheet Set is the flagship set by this company. This is Walvius and Marsciniak’s original conception, and it’s proven a very profitable main product for them.

The Original line consists of 87 percent polyester and 13 percent spandex. This blend gives the sheets an incredible amount of stretch, allowing them to fit a variety of bed shapes, including irregular boat berths.

It also increases the breathability of the sheets. Normal cotton sheets often can be a bit stifling, but these sheets allow air to circulate more effectively. This also leads to better temperature regulation, which is much more comfortable for those who get too warm at night.

The one commonly expressed drawback of this sheet set is that the fabric can catch on rough skin and is not quite as soft as cotton sheets. By integrating some cotton into its Luxury Copper Set, Sheex has addressed this problem with a softer variety.

SHEEX - Original Performance Sheet Set with 1 Pillowcase, Ultra-Soft...
Buy on Amazon

Sheex EcoSheex Bamboo Sheets

The EcoSheex Bamboo Set is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the Original Performance set. Many people who prefer not to buy polyester or spandex have found these sheets to be a better choice.

Unlike most other bamboo sheet sets, this set consists entirely of bamboo viscose. Thanks to this 100 percent bamboo construction, these sheets are more eco-friendly, even than many other bamboo sets.

Like the Original Performance Set, the EcoSheex set is more breathable than typical cotton sheets. The lightweight bamboo material allows air circulation and temperature control that matches that of the Original Performance Set.

Again, some people have found the consistency of this fabric unappealing. Some customers prefer a softer and smoother texture in their sheets.

SHEEX Ecosheex Bamboo Origin Pillowcase, Set of 2, Ultra-Soft,...
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Sheex Comforter

Sheex has also developed a line of comforters designed to help alleviate symptoms of insomnia. There are four options company — the Original Performance Down Alternative Comforter, the All-Seasons Comforter, the EcoSheex Bamboo Coverlet, and the Calm + Cool Weighted blanket.

The Original Performance Down Alternative Comforter is the original offering by Sheex. Inspired by the Original Performance Sheets, it boasts a construction of the same material and includes the company’s patented CoolX™ fiber fill technology.

This filling has hollow fibers, preventing heat from accumulating and allowing greater airflow. While most comforters heat up considerably throughout the night, this comforter remains cool due to its breathable material and filling. It offers softness comparable to the Original Performance Sheet.

For anyone who would prefer a greener alternative, Sheex does offer EcoSheex 100 percent bamboo coverlets. Likewise, they have recently added the Calm + Cool Weighted Blanket, which has received top reviews by customers.

SHEEX Original Performance Down Alternative Comforter, Softness with...
Buy on Amazon

Ready for the Best Sleep of Your Life?

Though Sheex sheets are a bit of an investment, they are effective for most people at eliminating discomfort during sleep. With its 30-day money-back guarantee, you’re able to sleep on the products for a month to see if they’re for you.

The increased comfort and longevity of this product make the initial investment worthwhile. And really, can you put a price tag on sleep quality?

If you found this Sheex review helpful, please let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Air Mattress For Maximum Comfort In 2019

Traditionally, air mattresses are for occasional uses, such as camping out and sleepovers. It may surprise you to learn that this isn’t the case anymore if you have the best air mattress! These bouncy, rubbery things are now a great way to find comfort and relaxation on a daily basis.

Why is this so? It’s not very surprising, as air mattresses are quite convenient, comfortable, and fall within a more affordable price range. If you want to get the best air mattress, and you want one that is both affordable and healthy for you at the same time, look no further! With the right information, you can find the best air mattress to fit your individual needs.

Things to Look for When Purchasing An Air Mattress

Since you’ll probably want to have the air mattress for a long time, you should consider the following factors before making a decision:



Are There Special Instructions for Blowing Up the Air Mattress?

The best air mattress should have a pump installed inside it, preferably of the electric kind. This automates the inflation process, cutting off the flow when everything’s just right. This may also turn the inflation back on if the mattress starts falling flat overnight.

How to Take Care of Your Air Mattress

Besides the do's and don'ts of using an air mattress, you can make your air mattress last longer and perform better by taking good care of it.



Reducing Odor

The 10 Best Air Mattresses of 2020

No matter what features you’re looking for, you can find the best air mattress for your needs. We’ve researched for you.

How We Reviewed

To get unbiased reviews and guidelines for your best air mattress search, we’ve taken some considerable steps. This includes comparing the brands and reading reviews on each model.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

There are around 40 air coils on the inside which make the mattress highly durable along with providing support. All you have to do to fluff this mattress is utilize the included pump.

Just one click and the mattress will reach its full capacity in four minutes, giving a level of comfort that you may not easily find with other options.

This mattress gives you a neutral-colored, modern experience. The name is SoundAsleep, and many users agree! With such an air mattress, you’ll get a high level of technology especially attuned to a human’s sleeping process. The product gives you excellent comfort even for a regular mattress.


  • height it offered
  • its quality
  •  the incredible ease of use


  • surface having some dimples in it
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology &...
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY 1-YEAR WARRANTY comes standard on all SoundAsleep mattresses. Rest assured on your purchase of the...
  • INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGN exclusively using ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability....
  • PATENTED 1-CLICK INTERNAL PUMP ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Designed for in-home use, the Queen Size...

King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress

King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress

Available in two sizes and equipped with a convenient inbuilt pump, the King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress is one that assures a fantastic experience. It might cost a bit more than others on this list, but it’s worth it.

The quilted top makes for an extra level of comfort and adds warmth. According to many reviewers, this helped them sleep. What’s more, has an inbuilt pillow, which isn’t always available.


  •  few flukes


  • bed not staying inflated
King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump - Best Inflatable...
  • 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer included in your purchase! - King Koil enhanced queen airbed technology...
  • Extra thick durable waterproof comfort quilt top with extra spinal support - firm mattress provides good sleeping...
  • Queen sized airbed with coil-beam construction and a built-in 120v / 210w ac pump - inflated dimensions: 80" x 60" x 20"...

Restoration Air Mattress

Restoration Air Mattress

The Restoration Air Mattress is durable and waterproof. It’s perfect for sleeping outdoors or any other place where there’s a chance of dampness. The name is also quite apt when you consider the feeling of restored energy after sleeping on this amazing invention.

Its durability is due to the high-quality materials and puncture-resistant build. Therefore, you can be sure that this best air mattress is suitable to use with children since there’s no fear of it exploding.

Reviewers praised the thickness of this air mattress which makes it wonderful for winter. They’ve also appreciated the extra height that makes them as comfortable as a regular mattress.

It’s Flock Top Comfort technology distributes weight evenly for comfy sleeping and extra durability. This is a unique addition that will probably be hard to find with other mattresses on this list.



  • height decreasing to boot

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump by Serta

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump by Serta

The Restoration Air Mattress is durable and waterproof. It’s perfect for sleeping outdoors or any other place where there’s a chance of dampness. The name is also quite apt when you consider the feeling of restored energy after sleeping on this amazing invention.

Its durability is due to the high-quality materials and puncture-resistant build. Therefore, you can be sure that this best air mattress is suitable to use with children since there’s no fear of it exploding


  • 2-year warranty covered


  • how the mattress and pump control could get separated.

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump
  • Two pumps in one bed. The patented neverFLAT pump system silently keeps your airbed inflated all night. Guaranteed!
  • The primary pump automatically inflates and deflates your airbed in less than 4 minutes
  • The secondary neverFLAT Pump monitors and silently maintains the air pressure to your desired comfort level while you...

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

This ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is an amazing option for those who adore outdoor activities. It’s great for carrying around on such excursions where you need your sleep to enjoy the next day actively, without feeling tired.

Users of this mattress have been greatly satisfied with the durable PVC-free substance that can handle rough use. The material also makes it lightweight. The coil system ensures an even, smooth experience along with the modern pump.


  • durable oxford exterior
  • lightweight and easy to carry
  • high weight tolerance 


  • pump that goes with this mattress
  • pump doesn't hold up to the task
ALPS Mountaineering 7632117 Velocity Air Bed (Queen)
  • Polyester Oxford fabric and coil system makes for a more durable, solid and comfortable sleeping area
  • State-of-the-art rechargeable pump with car and wall charger included
  • Rechargeable pump quickly and easily inflates and deflates with the 'flip of a switch'

WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress

WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress

The WonderSleep Classic Series is another of the best air mattress options on the market today. It’s so huge and soft that some users have even compared it to a humongous marshmallow! What sets it apart from the rest is the DreamCoil Technology. Keep in mind, though, that this mattress is for indoor use only. Taking it outside wouldn’t be recommended by the reviewers or the company.

The material is tough, but not difficult to pack up and transport in the handy bag that comes with the package. The top is thick and flocked, as well as waterproof for every occasion.


  • comes in handy during winters
  • quick inflating and deflating


  • warm and fluffy top of this product
  • cooling sheet offsets any unwanted heat
WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress with DreamCoil Supporting...
  • Queen Size Air Mattress Bed
  • Featuring DreamCoil Technology with 7 x 5 array of strong air coils for added durability and firmness support. Your bed...
  • The air mattress is designed for in-home use and is perfect for overnight guests, friends or relatives. Can be easily...

Coleman Support Rest Elite Double High Airbed

Coleman Support Rest Elite Double High Airbed

The Coleman Support Rest is a basic offering that gives you the comfort and sleeping experience you require. It may not be the sleekest option, but it’s sure to keep you comfy and hold you up throughout the night.

Unlike many other air mattresses, there’s a lot of cushioning provided at no extra cost. This helps the Coleman user feel like they're sleeping on a regular mattress and not an air mattress. Plus, there’s the Support Lock technology for extra stability. The sleeping surface is anti-microbial, making it healthy and hygienic.


  • experience was excellent


  • issues with holes
Coleman Air Mattress with Built-in Pump | SupportRest Elite...
  • Support lock reinforced construction lets you enjoy a more stable sleeping surface
  • Built-in 120V pump ensures you're always ready to inflate your bed
  • Soft plush top creates a velvet-like sleep surface for more comfort.

Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress

Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress

The Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress consists of a perfectly safe material that isn’t likely to get punctures and risk explosions. This material is non-toxic; hence safe enough to use with kids and pets around. It’s also super-comfy and is quite a bit taller than many other air mattresses.

Most air mattresses are around 20 inches tall, but this one is 22 inches. This makes it an amazing option for people who prefer a tall height.

The flocked top provides an extra layer of comfort, something that makes most users very happy. It’s also sturdy enough to hold around 650 pounds.

 There’s a special system inside that keeps everything sturdy, stable, and safe. You can store the pump’s plugin within the provided compartment so that no extra wires are lying around.


  • extra height for those with back pain
  • waterproof flocked top


  • deflating during the night
Etekcity Air Mattress Blow Up Elevated Raised Bed Inflatable Airbed...
  • ALL-NIGHT COMFORT: Special inner construction make the air mattress stable and comfortable like a real bed, capacity up...
  • QUICK & CONVENIENT SETUP: Built-in electric pump quickly inflates or deflates airbed to desired firmness in about 5...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: 22 inch Double layer construction with puncture-resistant material ensures the airbed will maintain...

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

This Intex Comfort Dura-Beam Airbed is one of the taller options on this list. It has the unique Fiber-Tech™ Construction technology that sets it apart from other mattresses. There is also a flocked top that introduces an immensely comfy experience and protects your body from dampness.

The sides are indented, preventing the sheets from slipping off in the night. User reviews have also expressed extreme satisfaction with the portability of this mattress. There’s a handy bag that you can easily put the mattress in for camping trips.



  • indented sides to keep sheets from slipping
  • quick, four-minute inflation


  • poor customer service

Inflatable Bed By Fox Airbeds

Inflatable Bed By Fox Airbeds

Users appreciate Fox Airbeds because of the excellent quality. There are unique air-flow chambers at the top that take this mattress to another level. The two-way pump is also a convenient feature.

Another excellent feature is the air-flow system that keeps the mattress sturdy and even throughout the night. It distributes the air into every corner so that there’s no weight pulling down the center and waking you up.


  • 90-day warranty 


  • bowing sides plus bottom so that even full-size sheets won’t fit on it
  • deflating sides may be hazardous for the sleepers

Our Pick for the Best Air Mattress

Of all the excellent options above, most people say the Coleman Support Rest is an excellent choice, and it is our pick for the best air mattress of 2018. It’s both affordable and relaxing, even though the appearance isn’t chic. The cushioning and technology of this air mattress enhance the experience. For these reasons, this mattress is easily the best air mattress when you compare it to the other brands.

Parachute Bedding Review: Fall Asleep Comfortably? Or Slow the Descent?

woman sleeping

If there’s anything we need more of, it’s restful sleep. Part of that mysterious equation for the perfect snooze is the right bedding. And with so many available choices, a Parachute bedding review will help you narrow down your decision.

Because at the end of the day — or the beginning of it — a good night’s rest makes all the difference. But will you sleep soundly knowing how much you spent on these sheets?

Comparison Table

What You Need to Know About the Parachute Brand

huge bed

​Image Source: pexels.com

Parachute’s founder, Ariel Kaye, held a passionate drive to make high-quality bed sheets at an affordable price. What first started as an online-only, direct-to-consumer bedding company has quickly grown into a full-fledged lifestyle brand.

How the company got its start

Ariel Kaye launched Parachute in 2014. At first, the company focused solely on bedding. But the business quickly expanded its product line to include towels, rugs, robes, tablecloths, and other household goods.

Recently, in 2017, they even introduced a limited line of bedroom furniture.

The Parachute team, based in Los Angeles, designs each product for manufacture all around the world. They use globally sourced materials, and nearly every Parachute product lists not only the material and its source but also details about where the piece was actually made.

To complement their modern designs, Parachute also built a lifestyle around their brand. Their team offers product styling suggestions for your home, explanations of materials, and care guides for your new Parachute items.

And to help shoppers choose their new bedding, they have a Parachute bedding review guide for each of their fabrics.

What makes Parachute bedding unique?


​Image Source: pixabay.com

Parachute puts a strong emphasis on their natural bedding material. In other words, they don’t add chemicals or synthetics to their products.

Although they’re not GOTS certified organic, their bedding does boast Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. Each Parachute product, from the thread to the zipper, is tested at every step of production for harmful chemicals.

Although this doesn’t guarantee the components are grown organically, this standard does ensure each product is safe for daily use.

Parachute also sells directly to the consumer, which means their luxury bedding can be sold at a lower price. As a result, they’ve developed an admirable level of brand loyalty among their customers.

Consumers enjoy the brand so much, it’s surprising more don’t feel a need to write their own Parachute bedding review!

Is thread count really that important?

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven together within a square inch of fabric. However, Parachute firmly believes that thread count is not a proper measurement for comfort.

While some sheets claim to use a thread count over 1,000, most industry professionals agree you don’t need a thread count higher than 400.

A better factor to consider is actually the length of the fibers. Parachute uses long-staple Egyptian cotton, which naturally produces longer threads of fiber. As a result, they claim their Percale and Sateen bedding will withstand more washings and remain enjoyably soft for longer than the competition.

So when going through a Parachute bedding review, or one for any other brand of sheets, thread count may not be the most critical detail to consider.

How We Reviewed


​Image Source: pixabay.com

Because Parachute doesn’t usually sell their products through third-party retailers, there aren’t many independent user reviews available. Instead, we looked at Parachute bedding review information from expert sources, including publications like Good Housekeeping and Business Insider.

We also chose three brands and types of bedding that compare to Parachute’s bedding line. We then evaluated a random selection of praises and complaints to determine what you may experience as an average consumer.

​Parachute Bedding Review: How the Lifestyle Brand Compares

Parachute has made great efforts to design the best bedding – but how does it compare to other brands?

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen Luxe Queen Sheets Set + Duvet Cover, Solid White - 7 Piece...
  • Best Selling Comfort: Queen duvet cover with sateen weave and long-staple cotton with 480-thread count feature a rich,...
  • Eco friendly: OEKO-TEX certified so they’re good for you and for Mother Earth
  • Easy Care: Machine wash cool or warm to preserve color, fibers, elasticity; For best results line-dry comforter or use...

Brooklinen has a similar brand mission. That is, to create affordable, comfortable bed sheets.

Unlike Parachute, the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set comes with a top sheet as well as a fitted sheet and pillowcases. Plus, Brooklinen includes long and short side labels to help you make the bed correctly each time.

One satisfied customer purchased a second set, while another mentioned how much her guests loved the sheets. The only negative review said the bed sheet set “feels [the] same as the cheap ones.”


  • ​Made with high-quality cotton
  • ​Includes top sheet in bedding sets


  • ​Overall experience may not be worth the price

​Looma Sheet Set

Looma Ultra-Soft 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set, 300 Thread Count Long...
  • Sheets made from the world's finest long-staple, organic cotton grown in the valleys of the Himalayas. 2x softer and...
  • Sleep better: These sheets combine the softness of cotton with the breathability of linen. The perfect combination of...
  • Long lasting: These sheets won’t pill or wear thin — they will only get softer with every wash.

Launched in 2019 through Kickstarter, Looma emphasizes their ethical supply chain as the focus of their mission. In addition to being certified organic and fair trade, they work closely with cotton farmers to reaffirm their roles in the global market.

Like Brooklinen, Looma includes a top sheet in their bedding sets.

One customer raved that the sheets “have transformed my bed into a cloud oasis.”


  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Ethical business model
  • ​Includes top sheet in bedding sets


  • ​Newer company

​Stone & Beam Belgian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Belgian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set,...
  • The lived-in look and feel of these sheets will envelop you for years of peaceful sleeping. Their subtle texture,...
  • 100% Linen
  • Imported

Stone & Beam is one of Amazon’s home décor brands.

Customers raved about how the sheets kept them exactly the temperature they wanted. One positive reviewer mentioned that they “haven’t had to wear socks to sleep after sleeping in these sheets,” while another praised the linens for being “incredibly breathable and keep me cool.”

The most common complaint was that the sheets were too thin. For some, the bedsheets tore easily.


  • ​Great for both hot and cold sleepers
  • ​Affordable price


  • ​Too thin

​Is Parachute Bedding Really Worth the Price?

Depending on your sleep and budgetary needs, our Parachute bedding review should help you decide whether to make the purchase.

Although the brand doesn’t sell through third-party retailers very often, there are some customer reviews available directly through the Parachute website.

For example, the Luxury Percale Sheet Set and the Linen Sheet Set both score about 4.0 out of 5.0 stars from direct Parachute customers. Meanwhile, their popular Luxury Sateen Sheet Set earns about 4.5 out of 4.0 stars from Parachute customers.

On the other hand, many of their products have no customer reviews or ratings currently available on the Parachute website or elsewhere.


  • ​Variety of high-quality fabrics
  • ​Sheet available in six sizes
  • ​Can order separate pieces or entire sets
  • ​90-day trial period
  • ​Neutral colors match any bedroom dĂ©cor
  • ​Donates a bed net for every Venice Bedding Set sold


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Wrinkle easily
  • ​Not certified organic
  • ​Top sheet is not included in sheet sets

​Sleep Comfortably with Parachute Bedding

woman hugging a pillow

​Image Source: pexels.com

While Parachute sheets may not feel dreamily soft at first, they will become softer with every wash without wearing out. We recommend the Percale sheets to anyone who has trouble staying cool at night, and the Sateen for those who prefer a heavier sheet. The linen is perfect for both hot and cool sleepers.

If you’re not interested in owning luxurious bed sheets, however, this brand is not for you.

But if you want sheets that feel light and crisp, or you want to customize your bed sheet ensemble, consider investing in a set of Parachute bed sheets.

There’s no doubt that Parachute bedding is a worthwhile investment. And it’s paved the way for other luxury bedding brands to emerge and offer alternative, affordable options.

But with other comparable options on the market, Parachute still might not be the perfect fit for every consumer.

Have you tried any of these luxury bedding brands? Is there a company not mentioned here you think deserves a moment in the spotlight? Share your own Parachute bedding review or other thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image via Pixabay

Sleepgram Pillow Review: Can You Trust It With Your Sleep?

A Sleepgram Pillow on a bed

When it comes to sleep, you may place all of the importance on your mattress. However, our pillows are just as important! A Sleepgram Pillow review may help you figure out just what you're missing out on with your current pillow.

Before you go out and choose the first pillow that you find, it's crucial to understand what specific pillows can do to help your sleeping habits. Did you know that some pillows are better than others for different sleep positions?

How a Pillow Can Help You Get a Better Sleep

As we all may already know, pillows provide you with some much-needed support while you are sleeping. The subjective part of a pillow, however, is the comfort level.

Your sleeping position, body size, and health conditions all play a role in which type of pillow is best for you. Back sleepers generally enjoy pillows to support their neck, side sleepers like pillows that keep their neck sleep. Likewise, stomach sleepers tend to enjoy thin pillows or even no pillow at all.

Because of all of these factors, an adjustable pillow is perhaps the most versatile pillow to choose from, hence this Sleepgram Pillow review.

Sleepgram Pillow Review: What Is It?

The Sleepgram Pillow is fully customizable. This means that, depending on how you arrange the inner pillows, you can enjoy a soft, medium, or medium-firm level of support. Yes, we said inner pillows! There are pillows inside of the Sleepagram Pillow, making it a three-in-one pillow.

What is the Sleepgram Pillow made of?

How should you use the Sleepgram pillow?

Who will love the Sleepgram Pillow?

How We Reviewed

To fill out this Sleepgram Pillow review, we took a look at what customers had to said about each pillow to determine whether the pillow is worth it or not. We also took a look at which type of sleeper will benefit the most from each choice, so that we can make our best recommendation to you.

Alternatives to the Sleepgram Pillow

Our Sleepgram Pillow review wouldn't be complete without providing you with some other options in case you aren't a fan of the Sleepgram.


Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover -- Adjustable Thickness

This pillow by Xtreme Comforts is another pillow option that is similar to the Sleepgram in that you can adjust its thickness. However, this is slightly different because you add or remove the filling from the pillow, rather than interior pillows.

The cover of the Xtreme Comforts pillow is made of bamboo fabric, which is incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable. The bamboo is then combined with a Kool-Flow

Microvented Technology that will give you excellent air circulation and softness to help you stay cool throughout the night.

The interior of the pillow contains shredded memory foam, so all you have to do if you want a softer pillow is remove some of the filling after opening the zipper. If you want to add more filling to get a firmer pillow, you can certainly do so, but you have to purchase additional filling separately.

If you're looking for a supportive pillow, such as if you sleep on your side or back, then this will be an excellent option for you. Although it can be flatter by taking out some filling, you may want to choose another pillow if that's what you're trying to achieve.


Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Gel-Infused Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with...
  • Adjustable: Find your perfect match with our bed pillow that allows you to adjust your own firmness! The zipper cover...
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified: Rest easy knowing our long pillows for sleeping are put under strict third-party lab testing...
  • Memory Foam: This gel-infused shredded memory foam pillow is what dreams are made of - the top-quality materials and...

Another alternative to this Sleepgram Pillow review is the adjustable memory foam pillow from Snuggle-Pedic. This option also includes shredded memory foam, similar to the Xtreme Comforts pillow. It also has the same Kool-Flow technology that the Xtreme Comforts pillow has.

The cover of this Snuggle-Pedic pillow is made of a combination of the viscose of bamboo, polyester, and Lycra. This helps make the cover durable, soft, and breathable. It contains small "micro-vents" that increase the circulation. There is also a zipper that allows you to adjust the memory foam inside, as well as wash the cover.

Many people say that this pillow is the most comfortable for side sleepers, as the foam is high-density. Therefore, it provides excellent support for your neck and head.

This pillow is the ideal option for those who want a shredded memory foam pillow to adjust with a cooling effect, as well as a bamboo-infused cover.

Getting Your Best Night's Sleep

Now that you have read an entire Sleepgram Pillow review, you may be dying to get your hands on one. Or, you may want one of the other pillow options that we mentioned! Whatever the case may be, remember to adjust the pillow to be suitable for your needs.

Did this Sleepgram Pillow review convince you to try one out, or did it push you to stay away from it? Let us know in a comment!

Serta Mattress Topper Review And Guides For 2018

Do you get sweaty and sleepless, or find yourself peeling off of your bedsheets? A Serta mattress topper can help with that. There's nothing cozy about sleeping in a bed that's not cool or comfortable. You could crank the AC if you've got it, but you still have to endure waking up with a stiff neck or achy back from lying on a lumpy mattress. An excellent mattress topper, however, is one of the little joys life brings. Once you throw it atop any lackluster mattress, it delivers instant comfort.spa

However, you'll need to figure out whether it's a mattress topper you need or a change of mattress. A mattress topper is meant to make your mattress more comfortable, not replace it altogether. The Serta mattress topper lets you extend the life of your current mattress, making it more supportive and cooler to sleep on.

Serta Mattress Topper

The Serta mattress topper is a product of Serta Inc., a pioneer in comfort since 1931 when they introduced their very first Perfect Sleeper® mattress.

Today, the company is proud to be the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States besides being a leading brand worldwide. Each Serta mattress is designed to deliver exceptional comfort, spanning every price point and mattress construction so everyone can find the sleep comfort they desire. Their extensive product portfolio features a large selection of quality mattresses, besides pillows, blankets and sheets, mattress protectors, and pet beds among others.

The Serta mattress topper was designed to adapt to your body, giving you relief from painful pressure points that cause you to toss and turn. Made in the USA with memory foam for exceptional comfort and support, they also offer lasting quality, and durability.

Mattress Topper FAQs

Mattress toppers are a great way to give life to an older bed. Look below to learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about mattress toppers.

What is a mattress topper?

What is the difference between mattress pads and mattress toppers?

What are mattress toppers made of?

How do I pick the right size of mattress topper?

Are mattress toppers made of pure memory foam?

What density should I look for in a mattress topper?

What is the best thickness for a mattress topper?

How firm should a mattress topper be?

What material is suitable for covering my mattress topper?

How do I clean a mattress topper?

How We Reviewed

To review the Serta mattress topper as accurately as possible, we spent time conducting online research from brand websites and Amazon. We read customer reviews and product descriptions, as well as buying guides.

Serta Mattress Topper Models

What follows is a rundown of the different Serta mattress toppers available. We've picked a few of the models with over 100 customer reviews on Amazon. This will help you compare the Serta mattress topper farther down when we look at the competitor brands, their features, materials, performance, and pricing.

​Serta 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Serta 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper, Queen
  • Exclusive Serta dual layer construction mattress topper
  • 2-Inch memory foam layer provides comfort and support, helping to eliminate painful pressure points; 2-Inch pillow-top...
  • Cool, breathable comfort for a cooler sleep surface

This four-inch Serta mattress topper provides unmatched comfort and support. It features a two-inch pillowtop layer of fiberfill for softness. Underneath it is a two-inch layer of premium memory foam for even distribution of your body weight. It also helps eliminate painful pressure points for a restful night's sleep. Serta uses open cell technology with this mattress topper to provide a temperature neutral sleep surface for cool comfort. It also comes with a premium Egyptian cotton cover that's removable and machine washable. This extends your mattress life by years.

Despite having a 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty, it is pricier than some of the best selling mattress toppers on Amazon.

Users who have had firsthand experience with this Serta mattress topper have different views about it. 

​Serta 2.5-Inch Full Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Need to transform your current mattress to a new, luxurious sleeping surface? This gel-memory foam Serta mattress topper is designed to do just that. It uses an exclusive gel bead infused memory foam for more comfort and pressure point relief. Gel memory foam brings together the comfort of premium memory foam with therapeutic support where you require it the most. It features deluxe 100 percent Egyptian cotton that is machine washable and breathable.

This Serta mattress topper also has a 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty and promotes proper spinal alignment. However, it is also pricey compared to other mattress toppers. 

​Serta 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, 3.5-Pound Density

Serta 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, 3.5-Pound Density, King
  • 3.5-Pound density premium memory foam, for the optimal balance of comfort and support
  • Relieves pressure points to prevent tossing and turning and provide more deep sleep
  • Helps rejuvenate tired muscles and eases back pain

This Serta mattress topper makes your mattress more comfortable with its three inches of premium memory foam. It adapts to your body, relieving you of the painful pressure points that cause you to toss and turn. It is made in the USA and provides comfort, support, and durability.

However, unlike other Serta mattress toppers that come with 10-year warranties, this has only a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty. 

Many satisfied customers say this model doesn't have chemical odors like other mattress toppers

​Serta Rest 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Serta Perfect Sleeper - Queen - 3 Inch - Gel Swirl Memory Foam...
  • Serta Rest - Queen - 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper - 60" x 80" x 3".
  • Conforms to your body's contours and alleviates pressure points.
  • Provides balanced support and less disturbance from your sleep partner's movements

This gel swirl mattress topper provides a medium-soft to medium feel and is ideal if you want to enhance the comfort of your current mattress. It features three-inch premium memory foam swirled with gel to deliver the perfect balance of comfort, support, and sleep temperature.

Many users find it to be plush and sleep cool, plus it fits well over on their mattresses. Some customers, however, find it too soft and mushy.

How It Stacks Up Against Rival Brands

There's a large selection of mattress toppers available on the market. But how does the Serta mattress topper compare to the rest?

We checked out three of Serta's main competitors, all of which are best sellers on Amazon with thousands of customer reviews and great ratings. What follows is a review of the competitor brands, their features, pricing, pros, and cons.

​LUCID 2-inch 5-Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper

LUCID 2 Inch 5 Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Twin
  • 2 inch memory foam mattress topper with five body zones to maximize comfort
  • Memory foam is infused with the relaxing scent of lavender and textured to improve breathability
  • Textured zones reduce pressure at different points of body contact to prevent tossing and turning

This was the number one best selling mattress topper at the time of this review's writing. It features two-inch memory foam with five body zones for maximum comfort. The foam, infused with lavender scent and textured to improve breathability, also helps reduce painful pressure points. Its specialized memory foam formula makes it soft, airy and responsive.



  • Textured zones reduce pressure
  • Affordable
  • 3-year warranty
  • The lavender scent may be overbearing for some
  • Some users say it isn't durable
  • thumbs-down
    Users complain of massive cracks or tears

​Dreamfoam 2-Inch Gel Swirl Topper

DreamFoam 2" Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper, Made in Arizona, Queen
  • The 2” gel swirl memory foam topper is designed to enhance the comfort of your current mattress by providing ultimate...
  • A unique gel swirl infusion draws heat out and away from the body to deliver a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Slow response memory foam is designed to help decrease motion transfer between sleep partners

This mattress topper is the product of Dreamfoam Bedding, a company that started manufacturing mattresses in 2010. It features two-inch thick memory foam with gel swirls that add comfort to your current mattress. Its foam is Certi-Pur US certified, so it meets the highest quality standards.



  • Made in the US
  • Three-year warranty
  • Soft visco-elastic memory foam for comfort
  • Affordable
  • Users say the odor doesn't go away
  • Cheap and thin foam
  • thumbs-down
    Users say it doesn't revitalize old mattresses

​Linenspa Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper

Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper-Queen
  • Plush 3-inch memory foam topper is infused with gel to help regulate temperature so this topper sleeps cooler than a...
  • Light and breathable open cell memory foam conforms to the curves of your body, aligns the spine, and relieves pressure...
  • Certipur-us certified means this high-quality memory foam is made with no harmful chemicals, is hypoallergenic and meets...

For an instant layer of comfort on your mattress, Linenspa's gel swirl memory foam topper is the perfect addition. It features a soft, supportive memory foam that relieves pressure points by distributing your body weight evenly. The two-inch thick foam, infused with a gel, helps regulate temperature so that you can sleep soundly.



  • Prevents overheating
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Conforms to curves
  • Alleviates pressure points
  • thumbs-up
    Three-year warranty
  • thumbs-up
    CertiPUR-US certified
  • thumbs-up
    Softens a hard mattress
  • thumbs-up
  • Users say its too thin
  • Some users it stores heat

Pros and Cons of Serta Mattress Toppers

All of these mattress toppers have pros and cons associated with them. Serta mattress toppers are no different. Here are the strengths of this brand as well as their weaknesses.



  • 10-year warranty
  • High-quality product
  • Doesn't overheat
  • Helps with painful pressure points
  • Expensive
  • Value doesn't correspond with product
  • thumbs-down
    The packaging doesn't match the product description

Our Verdict

Although the competition beats Serta mattress topper on price points, they don't match up to its quality. Just by comparing customer reviews on Serta and the three competitor brands reviewed here, Serta takes the crown for its quality, as well as help with relieving painful pressure points. If you want an affordable but short-term mattress topper, you can go with the Dreamfoam Two-Inch Gel Swirl Topper. For good quality and a longer-lasting product, you're better off making the Serta mattress topper your friend.