Best Travel Pillow For Your Sleep Health In 2018: Complete Buyer’s Guide


Are you looking for the best travel pillow so you can catch up on sleep while traveling? Some people may find it difficult to get a good night's sleep away from the comfort of their own bed. But a cozy travel pillow will help you get that much-needed rest whether you're on the road or in the air.

Sleep loss when you are traveling doesn't only make you a little grumpy and foggy — it’s worse than that. Sleep deprivation and jet lag may lead to memory problems, a weakened immune system, increased stress levels, slowed reflexes, poor judgment, and skin aging. If you are sleep deprived, remember you’re acting on a limited capacity no matter how much caffeine you pour into your system.

Travel Pillow FAQ's

A variety of different aspects affect how comfortable your travel pillow is. Choosing the best pillow for you means understanding what the differences are, and how other people felt about them.






How We Compiled Our Review?

We have compiled the following list based on recommendations and real customer reviews from trusted sites such as Amazon, WireCutter, Business Insider, and Forbes.​​Forbes

Best Travel Pillows of 2018

Many of you will have at least one long car, plane, coach, or boat journey planned this summer to get to your holiday destination. The only way you’ll sleep well though is with a comfortable travel pillow. We’ve compiled a list of wonderful ones to find the best sleeping companion out there.

Filled with polystyrene microbeads the Cloudz travel pillow provides superior comfort to your neck. You enjoy dual comfort and flexibility due to the cozy plush surface on one side and the relaxing spandex on the other. The snap closure allows you to secure the pillow to prevent your neck from falling while you're asleep.

Pros and Cons

Filled with polystyrene microbeads the Cloudz travel pillow provides superior comfort to your neck. You enjoy dual comfort and flexibility due to the cozy plush surface on one side and the relaxing spandex on the other. The snap closure allows you to secure the pillow to prevent your neck from falling while you're asleep.

If you’re looking for a travel pillow that mirrors sleeping at home on your side, then the Travelrest all-in-one neck pillow is perfect for you. Using this pillow, you’ll enjoy full lateral support for the upper body. As a result, you find it easier to relax, and stay asleep longer. The neck pillow sits on one of your shoulders and extends all the way down, so it helps you to tilt the head to your side and hug the pillow to sleep.

Pros and Cons

If you’re concerned about space, then this is not the best travel pillow for you. But it is one of the coziest pillows that will give you a good nap.

Daisy Travel Pillow Holds Head Like Magic

This Daisy neck pillow provides all around the neck and head support and cradles your head as you tilt on the side to sleep. It works best for aisle or center seats and makes your traveling time more comfortable than ever. According to Amazon reviewers, it provides excellent support for people with arthritis and nerve issues on the neck.

Pros and Cons

Made with 100 percent polyester soft plush and 100 percent polyester cotton-filling, this is the most delicate, cushiest pillow you’ll ever find for traveling. This may be the best travel pillow for your needs, but it is not a space saver.

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This award-winning travel pillow has a high-quality contoured memory foam core and machine washable velour cover. The Cabeau Evolution pillow adjusts itself for 360-degree support and provides significant levels of comfort. The flattened rear cushion is perfect for all travel seats on flights. The pillow is large but comes with a drawstring tie so you can hold it in place around your neck or your luggage.

Pros and Cons

Some Amazon reviewers say that this pillow is too soft and has no rigidity. Others report it has no breathability and makes the neck hot and sweaty. On the positive side, many reviewers say it is highly comfortable and is well suited for long flights.

If you’re searching for an easily transportable neck pillow, then this Trtl pillow is your best bet. Considered a single neck brace, this fleece scarf with built-in plastic brace keeps your neck warm. It is an excellent choice if you get cold while flying. Weighing only 5.22 ounces (148 grams), you can attach it to your luggage easily.

Pros and Cons

Some Amazon reviewers point out that it's not comfy during the long haul flights. All reviewers agree that its best feature is the tiny packable size

Being super soft, this Bcozzy pillow simultaneously provides the best support for your head, neck, and chin. You can twist it in whichever position you want and also control how tight it will be around your neck. It is entirely machine washable. It is easy to attach it to the side of your luggage or compress it into your handbag.

Pros and Cons

Most of the reviewers say that it offers excellent comfort during long flights, while some complain about its quality and report the stitches pop out quickly.

The contoured shape of the Lewis N. Clark neck pillow provides maximum comfort because you can adjust the inflation. It is designed to provide optimal support for the head and neck.

Pros and Cons

Many reviewers say that this neck pillow has a great design at a decent price. But some complain that these pillows don’t hold air and split at the seams.

The AERIS pillow is not only soft and comfortable, but it also provides your head and neck with the right kind of support. The adjustable toggles will prevent you from choking. The pillow consists of a carry bag half its size which you can velcro to your backpack or suitcase.

Pros and Cons

The cushioning is excellent, and the pillow is easy to carry. One reason this may be the best travel pillow is that no cons were reported.

Designed with ergonomic and orthopedic contours this memory foam pillow offers you significant neck and head support. It is made of high-quality plush velour fabric to give you the softest feel while sleeping.

Pros and Cons

You’ll feel well rested with this soft, squishy yet firm neck pillow, one satisfied Amazon customer promises. Some reviewers say it is not the best travel pillow for the petite physique.

Perfect for babies and small kids this Trunki Yondi Lion pillow contains microbead filling for added comfort. Additionally, you can attach a comforter or blanket with a Trunki Grip. The pillow connects under the chin with hidden magnets for maximum support..

Pros and Cons

Most of the reviewers say that it gives maximum comfort to their kids and helps them to sleep soundly. Some customers feel that the pillow is not thick enough for older children.

Our Choice of the Best Travel Pillow

After a lot of research and reading the reviews of customers, we zeroed in on Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow. For over 15 years this neck pillow has earned millions of happy customers around the globe. Moreover, this neck pillow is pocket-friendly and offers ample support for the weight of your head and neck. Not to mention the neck pillow isn't too tight and doesn't restrict your movements.

The reviewers are in awe of this travel pillow because it provides soothing comfort after a major neck surgery or for those using a CPAP system. The customers love the beads because it can change the pressure and have the perfect consistency of movement. The super small polystyrene beads provide you with the ultimate comfort.

To sum up, we found the Cloudz Microbead Travel pillow to be the best of the best because it offers excellent comfort at a reasonable price. Of course, you may have a different opinion, or you may agree. Please drop your views in the comments section below and let us know what you think is the best travel pillow.

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