The Best Loom And Leaf Mattress For Your Sleep Health In 2019

Loom and Leaf Mattress

We spend hours of the day in our beds, so naturally, we should want it to be as cozy as possible. The best Loom and Leaf experience you’ll receive is through Saatva, which offers customers superior bedding. Having a good mattress isn’t just about sleeping well, but it’s also about how you feel in the morning and throughout the day. Do you wake up feeling tired instead of refreshed? Or do you feel pain in your shoulders and lower back? If so, you should consider finding a mattress that has more to offer.

Think about it; you wouldn’t sit in an uncomfortable chair for hours, so you shouldn’t do that with your bedding. The good thing is, mattress companies realize that customers need more than just a cushioned surface to sleep on. Today’s bedding provides a complete assortment of detailed components that cater to helping you rest easy. Investing in the best Loom and Leaf mattress is your first step towards a peaceful night’s sleep, and your mind and body will thank you for it.

What’s Unique About a Loom and Leaf Mattress?

Loom and Leaf is a handcrafted mattress made in the USA and manufactured by Saatva. It’s 12 inches tall and comes in two different options; firm and relaxed firm. The mattress is available in a twin size up to a king size. Its cover is designed with a combination of soft organic cotton and a flame retardant thistle. Loom and Leaf mattresses are constructed with four layers. The top of the mattress has a two-inch layer of conforming gel foam which works to disperse heat from the sleeping surface. Attached to the top layer is a spinal cooling gel as well.

The second layer consists of 2.5 inches of visco-elastic memory foam. The five-pound foam layer provides the basis for the mattress support and has a feel of latex and foam. The third layer is two inches of transitional support that gives sleepers compression support. The bottom foundation contains 5.5 inches of high-density support foam. This last layer serves as a base foam and provides shape to the mattress.

The Best Loom and Leaf Features

The best Loom and Leaf features are the construction of the bedding. This is also what makes it stand out amongst other brands.


The cover is built from 100 percent organic cotton which has a soft texture and excellent breathability. It is wrapped with a 5/8-inch layer of foam that creates a better level of lumbar support. It helps to avoid sinkage in your lower back while allowing substantial pressure relief in the body. Below the quilted cover is a thin layer of natural thistle that’s flame-resistant. The thistle acts as a fire retardant that smothers the flames.

Edge control

If you’re sharing a bed with a partner, edge control is an essential aspect of a good mattress. Loom and Leaf provides security that helps prevent you from falling out of the bed. It even gives ultimate durability and holds well under pressure when sitting upright on the edge.


The Loom and Leaf mattress has a firm feel when you first lay down, and it softens as you sleep and conforms to your body. This mattress is durable for side sleepers and people with a heavier body type.

Overall Price Range

The cost of this brand depends on the size of the mattress that you get. You can expect to pay between $740 to $1750 for sizes ranging from a twin to a California king. The Saatva website contains a store locator that can help you find a retail store that carries the brand in your area, or you can make a purchase online.

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How We Reviewed

We researched Loom and Leaf to get as much knowledge as we could about their mattresses. Our goal was to find out whether the bed lived up to the hype and determine if the features of the mattress were practical. We also wanted to know how it held up against the competition, so we also found other comparable brands. Our deciding factor was based on the features of the bed and customer reviews.

The Saatva brand was highly rated, and the best Loom and Leaf reviews we found were on Google.

Loom and Leaf vs. Other Brands

We wanted to diversify this review as much as we could, so our team searched for the best Loom and Leaf competitors that we could find. The beds we chose also have exceptional quality and high ratings.

Tuft and Needle

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

4.2 out of 5 stars

The first brand on the list is a bit unique. It’s a bed in a box style mattress. However, it doesn’t lack quality. It features adaptive foam and provides a soft yet supportive feel that is great for any sleeping position. The foam can compress and fit into a box which quickly shifts to your door. The high-grade foam offers pressure relief and “personalized bounce” so you won’t disturb your partner while they’re sleeping. The advanced technology of this mattress also keeps you from sinking into the mattress and makes sure you stay cool throughout the night.


  • 10-year warranty 
  • 100-night sleep trial that has a full refund if you don’t like it


  • bed hollowed out on the spot that he sleeps only a year after getting the mattress
Tuft & Needle -T&N Adaptive Foam Legacy Original Queen Mattress,...
  • Pressure Relief - Our T&N Adaptive foam is engineered based on customer feedback, and provides pressure relief where you...
  • Support - The T&N Original Mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. We complemented the T&N Adaptive foam with a...
  • Cool Sleeping - Our open-cell cooling technology foam works with the heat-conducting graphite and cooling gel-infused in...

Leesa Mattress

Leesa Mattress, Queen

4 out of 5 stars

The Leesa mattress offers a universal adaptive feel that adjusts to different body types and sleeping styles. It has three layers that provide comfort, and support. The top layer delivers a cooling comfort for airflow and freedom of movement. Leesa is the top-rated direct-to-consumer mattress, and they proudly manufacture their products in the USA.


  • 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial 


  • mattress became lumpy after 6 months
Leesa Original Foam 10" Mattress, Queen Size, Cooling Foam and Memory...
  • Set Up: Simply take your mattress out of the box and enjoy watching it decompress. Jumping, walking, and sleeping on...

LUCID 12-inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

LUCID 12 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

4.3 out of 5 stars

Lucid is crafted with 6.5-inch steel coils that are individually wrapped to increase airflow, create stationary motion, and adapt to individual sleep styles. Its plush memory foam layer has a natural latex covering that’s the perfect combination of comfort and sturdiness. This is an excellent mattress for those who enjoy the feel of memory foam with the breathable aspect of latex.


  • very affordable and comes with a 10-year warranty for manufacturer defects


  • mattress was supposed to be firm and wasn’t firm at all
Lucid 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress – Gel Memory Foam – Responsive...
  • Set Up: Simply take your mattress out of the box and enjoy watching it decompress. Jumping, walking, and sleeping on...

Live and Sleep Resort Medium-Firm Mattress

Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress

4.5 out of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress at an affordable price, look no further. This mattress consists of breathable and plush materials that provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Its medium-firm texture relieves pressure from sore shoulders, hips, and the lower back to reduce tossing and turning during the night. The covering on the bed is removable and washable. This cover is also versatile as you can use it on any home bedroom furniture, such as box springs and futons. As a bonus, it comes with a non-toxic and non-hypoallergenic queen-sized pillow.


  • comes with a 20-year warranty and a 30-day full refund if you don’t like the bed


  • bedding was harder than expected and eventually caused him back pain
Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress, Gel Memory Foam Mattress, 12-Inch,...
  • PERFECT CONTOUR. Queen size mattress cradles you in a deluxe cushion of 2.5” Premium Air-Flow MF over 1” of...
  • COOLING INNOVATION. Breathable, plush & better quality materials, not cheap inexpensive foam. Optimum comfort that...
  • BEST BUY SOLUTION. Top Rated Queen Memory Foam Mattress with over 90% 5-star reviews on Amazon. Classic medium-firm HD...

What We Think

There’s some pretty stiff competition on this list, and it’s hard to say which mattress is “the one.” All of them provide exceptional quality and by the majority vote, also give an excellent night’s sleep. However, after looking through so many brands and reading reviews, we think Saatva is our favorite brand. The best Loom and Leaf feature we like is that the mattress is layered with essential materials needed for ultra-comfort and support.

Contrary to the other companies, Saatva seemed to have covered all of the components to make the mattress as perfect as it could possibly get. But that’s not to say the other mattresses don’t have anything good to offer. We like that some of the brands were inexpensive while also still being a superb mattress. But, we stand by our final decision, and we believe Saatva will provide you with the best Loom and Leaf experience possible.

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