Best Electric Blanket: Features and Safety of the Top 10 Products Available

Soft Heat Low Voltage Electric Blanket, listed best electric blanket

If a cold draft keeps you up at night, you know the benefit of owning an electric blanket. Choosing the best electric blanket, however, isn’t as easy as picking out the most expensive product. You want something warm, yet it should be safe for operation at night. The blanket should be soft and provide a comfortable plush-like feel to enhance comfort levels. You can’t overlook quality, reviews, and brand names.

But, there’s more to it than choosing the first blanket you see made by a well-known manufacturer. Understanding the functionality of electric blankets will also help you select the best product. Thermal heating, induction heating, and an electric coil utilizing electricity are a few methods by which electric blankets function. Each electric blanket differs in operation given the type of blankets customers buy. Electric blankets are the perfect sleep companion for those who are always cold at night. Ready to enjoy a full night’s sleep? They might be what you’ve been missing to achieve the most comfortable night's rest.

Electric Blanket Materials

Most of the best electric blanket is no longer scratchy, and thin like they were in years past. Today, manufacturers are using luxury fabrics. Polyester blends, micro-plush Sherpa, microsuede, and faux fur are some varieties manufacturers use. Polyester is standard material in the best electric blankets. It is fire resistant, and the material is thick. This design feature ensures comfort without compromising safety.

Blanket Sizes

Electric blankets come in nearly any size imaginable. Twin, full, queen, king, and even California-king sizes are available by specific manufacturers. Depending on the color, material, and dial settings, there are many great options available. When comparing the best electric blankets, consumers must consider size, the materials, and comfort, amongst other factors.

Caring for and Maintaining Electric Blankets

Serta | Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket,...

Most electric blankets made today are machine washable. Manufacturers utilize electrical switches and wires that are removable. Doing this allows the owner to throw the blanket in the washer, without the risk of electric shock. It is important to note. However, most blankets are not safe for the dryer. They should air dry the blanket after washing it. It is also important to know how the blanket works, to ensure it is safe for machine wash.

The Dial

There is more than one dial option when choosing the best electric blanket for use at home. Many blankets feature a digital dial. The dial allows owners to adjust the blanket by changing the numbers. Some blankets use a traditional turn style dial. It goes from low, medium, to high. And, more massive queen and king sizes, often have two dials. It allows both partners to choose the appropriate heat levels for their body composition.

Features of the Best Electric Blanket

Beautyrest Senna Electric Blanket Plush Throws-Secure Comfort...

Not all electric blankets are alike. Several features are standard in some of the best electric blankets. The best electric blankets have unique features including auto timers, safety timers, and dual controllers. Consumers should know what they’re looking for before choosing a new blanket. When deciding on the best electric blanket, these are some key features to consider.


For those who want to take a nap or are afraid of overheating at night, some blankets feature a timer. This feature allows for adjustments in time increments, typically of 30-minutes to 1-hour. Many blankets have timers which indicate when the time has elapsed. It is also great if using the blanket to treat injuries or areas of the body with heat therapies.

Auto shut-off

If safety is a concern, an auto shut-off feature is an excellent design aspect. To avoid overheating, burning, or possible fire threats, this feature shuts the blanket off for owners. If owners don’t turn it off after several hours, the blanket will automatically turn off. This safety feature prevents fire threats and overheating of electric sockets and plugs.

Removable electric connection

For those who want to preserve the life of their electric blanket, they should clean it regularly. When placing in the washer, owners must first remove all electrical plugs, wires, and components. The best electric blanket also allows owners to remove cords and dials. This feature also allows them to wash it in the machine, like any other blanket.

Low voltage options

Low voltage blankets reduce energy consumption. They don’t drain power as quickly as traditional electric blankets. These blankets might take a little longer to warm up. However, they don’t consume as much energy while in operation.

Blanket Safety & UL Certification

A blanket should be UL Certified. This certifier is an independent underwriter organization which gives their seal of approval to safe products. Products that are certified are safe for use in the home. Consumers should look for this safety aspect when choosing an electric blanket for use at home.

How We Rated the Best Electric Blanket

When comparing the best electric blankets, we consider several aspects. The material, comfort, dial settings, and ease of operation are some factors we consider. We also determine ratings based on consumer ratings and the best brand names. And, we also add pricing to our reviews. It helps consumers find the best blankets, that fall within their budget.

Where to Buy the Best Electric Blanket and Average Prices

Electric blankets are available through many online sites. Companies like Sunbeam, Biddeford, and Serta, all carry their product line. Additionally, Amazon and websites like Walmart also carry several products. Prices vary because of the manufacturer, as well as the electrical configurations and size of the blankets. On average, electric blankets cost $30 to $150.

The Best Electric Blankets

There are several top manufacturers to compare when shopping for the best electric blanket. Because of this, it is important to compare several products. These are some of the best options available when buying a new electric blanket.

Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Electric Blanket
  • America's #1 Electric Heated Throw Blanket! Machine Wash & Dry. Comes with 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Experience the luxurious comfort of Velvet Plush heated throw, wrapping you in warmth and elegance on cold winter...
  • Made of Luxurious Premium-Soft Velvet Plush. Dimensions: 50" x 60"

The electric warming blanket features three heat setting options. It is safe for machine wash and dry and has a removable electrical plug and coil. The blanket comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The throw blanket features a microfiber plush material. It is also thicker and softer than traditional polyester material blends. It has three heat settings and also an auto shut-off feature after three hours.

BioSmart Infrared Low-Voltage Electric Blanket
  • Multi-layered, patented, thermal layers that breathe
  • Electronic body temperature monitoring
  • Pulsed, low-voltage DC current

The queen-size plush blanket features a DC, low-voltage connection. It is safe for use for several hours and won’t overheat. The blanket has multiple layers, and thermal layers help increase breathability. The pulsed, low-voltage heating makes this blanket safe for hours of use. It has two wireless remotes so that each person can adjust settings on their side. And, infrared heating ensures even heat transfer throughout.

Shavel Thermee Electric Blanket
  • WARMTH & COMFORT: Luxuriously soft and warm with innovative 7 layers of quilted micro flannel comfort, this mid-weight...
  • UPDATED CONTROLLER: New for 2020, a redesigned large-number controller with automatic backlit shut-off after 40 seconds,...
  • ANTI-SHRINK & ANTI-PILL: Designed to never fade, shrink, or pill, Micro Flannel fabric stays smooth, soft, and the right...

This blanket is available in king and California king varieties. The thermal heating element helps to distribute heat evenly. This feature prevents specific areas from overheating. It also ensures the entire blanket retains its temperature when it is cold out. The micro-flannel material does not pile or fade. Owners can wash this blanket in the washing machine. There are eight secure heat settings. It also features an auto shut-off after 10-hours.

Serta Luxurious Low-Voltage Micro-Plush Triple-Rib Twin Electric Blanket
  • Safe and warm patented non-hazardous low-voltage technology is safer than others on the market; saves energy; sleep...
  • No more bulky wires; the ultra-thin wires inside the Serta blankets are almost impossible to feel; no hot or cold spots
  • Convenient temperature pre-heat and hold feature that makes sure that your bed is warm and cozy before you climb in for...

The blanket is UL Certified to ensure high standards in safety. The material of the electric blanket is a soft micro-plush material finish. It does not pile in the washer, nor does the color fade. Hot and cold spots aren’t an issue with this thick electric blanket. The blanket features a pre-heat mode. It allows owners to warm it up before going to bed. It also ensures the temperatures are stable throughout the evening. The auto shut-off feature turns the blanket off after 10-hours.

This blanket has three heat settings, and it also has an auto shut-off feature. After three hours of non-use, the blanket will automatically shut off. It also prevents overheating and threats of fire/smoke in the home. The blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches. It fits most standard twin and full-size beds. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The blanket is 100 percent polyester, and it is machine safe (washer and dryer).

Beautyrest - Plush Heated Throw Blanket
  • Heated Emits virtually no electromagnetic field emissions Oversized 60x70" 3 heat settings Ultra soft plush Cozy berber...
  • 1 Throw:60x70"

The blanket is 100 percent polyester material. The blanket measures 60 inches by 70 inches, making it large enough for a queen size bed. It is safe to place in the washer, and the heating element is removable. Owners can safely put the blanket in the washing machine, but it is not safe for the dryer.

The solid micro-plush material is soft. It is thick, and it doesn’t fade, nor does it stretch or shrink in the washer. The blanket features three heat settings. The exterior textile fabric isn’t as soft as other materials. The electric components aren’t as powerful as other blankets. And, with only three heat settings it is not warm enough for some colder climate areas.

Serta Fleece Electric Blanket
  • INCLUDES: (1) Microplush reversible electric heated throw with white sherpa lining and 5 heat settings
  • MATERIALS: Made from ultra-soft 100% polyester brushed microplush that reverses to a plush, cozy, Sherpa lining for an...
  • FEATURES: Easy to use controller has 5-heat settings to maintain your own perfect comfort level; Controller has a 8.5'...

The throw blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches in size. It has a soft Sherpa exterior over a micro plush exterior. It makes the blanket extremely soft, and comfortable to sleep with at night. The blanket also features five heat setting options. The blanket comes with a 3-year warranty. The power cord is 8.5 feet allowing users to take it to bed, on the couch, or anywhere at home.

Soft Heat Luxurious Macromink Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Blanket
  • INCLUDES: (1) Electric Heated Blanket
  • MATERIALS: Made from luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece with built in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution...
  • FEATURES: Patented Safe & Warm non-hazardous low voltage technology is safe in the presence of moisture, will not harm...

The blanket is available in king and queen size varieties. So, any homeowner can find the perfect fit for their bed, regardless of its size. It is machine washable and can go in the dryer. The material won’t pile up or shrink wish washing. The soft, luxurious material will also last for many years. There are no hot or cold spots on the blanket. The blanket also features two controllers. This feature allows each partner to choose the proper heat settings when sleeping.

Our Verdict: The Best Electric Blanket for Use at Home

An electric blanket is an excellent addition to any bedroom. The best electric blanket is also great to throw on the couch when watching TV. With so many to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one. The Shavel Thermee is a great pick. The price is reasonable in this competitive industry. It also has several heat settings, at 10, which is more than most blankets on the list. It also has the safety, shut-off feature. So, after 10-hours, the blanket will shut off on its own. The micro-plush material is soft and safe to wash and place in the dryer.

If you want something from a reputable brand name, the Sunbeam Camelot Cuddler is a good option. Although it only has three heat settings, it does feature the 3-hour shut-off. The material is also a thick micro-plush for a soft, comfortable feel. It isn’t going to overheat, and there are no issues with cold or hot spots. The blanket is also available in multiple sizes and colors. An excellent option for those who want some custom detail and design, when choosing a new electric blanket.

Ultimately, the best electric blanket will differ for each consumer. These are, however, some of the best options available. Regardless of budget, there are many great blankets available, when choosing an electric blanket to sleep with at night.

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